Justice League/DC movie thread


Starfire is an orange alien who’s features vary depending on the artist. The problem with Titans is that Starfire isn’t orange. Given that cosplayers can pull this off, it’s inexcusable for DC Universes flagship show fail so badly.


She turns orange when she uses her powers. The same is true for Raven and Beast Boy for their skin colors.


I just can’t see starfire from the acting or costume in Titans.


This is some plain ol’ ignorant shit.


lmfao lets totally pretend the injustice version of starfire isnt clearly a black woman.

or that we can find a ton of black starfires that look great.

i dont blame the actress…this is dc’s fault. they knew better.


Fuck you if you disrespecting Anna Diop!


I heard Starfire’s scenes aren’t that good either, regardless of her looks (which is still terrible BTW)


Anna Diop is easily the best actress in the show. The main problem is the character doesn’t feel like Starfire. The outfit choices damn sure doesn’t help.


Well, to be fair, Starfire at this point has amnesia and seems to be dressed as a hooker undercover, so most of this seems story related as opposed to her not feelin like Starfire or being an issue with the actor


They better not make Donna Troy an alien…


They have a treasure trove of origins they can pick for her. Being an alien wouldn’t be the worst one she can get.


Just saw this. Old school Starfire


Would like to see this done well…


If you wanted a lighter Dick Grayson on Titans check the last episode “Donna Troy”.
He’s finally making jokes, smiling and being weird (that scene with Dick wondering what Penguin is up to made me laugh, this guy isn’t sane). I like how he becomes more like the Dick we know when he’s with his old friend Donna. Their scenes together were beautiful too, like a big sister and her little brother.

Only 3 episodes left I think, yet I don’t feel like the story advanced much lately. Looks like this season is more about world building. This can’t come soon enough on Netflix.


One of my friends hooked me up for a pair of tickets to an andvanced screening of Aquaman on the 10th this month. In return, I just need to post a review of the movie on my IG with some very light promotion. I’m hype already and looking forward to Shazam! also by next year for the DC movies.



100th episode of The Flash is the best episode so far!!!

Eobard Thawne from the year 2049 at the end of the episode!!!



You’ve posted that everywhere except the fucking Flash Thread. Shut the fuck up.




Poster for Shazam.