Justice League/DC movie thread


…the Batman!


Is that like on Earth 89? Earth 5?


Batman a villain? Ok, u got my attention now


I think I know what’s really going on. I don’t think any of it is real. I think Trigon is tricking Robin.


Possible, or its someone else behind the mask possibly


Trigon is one of the cops that talks to Dick. Starfire is a cop and that’s all kinds of wrong.


Probably too late of notice, but Amazon Prime members can get sneak preview tickets to a showing tonight of Aquaman at http://atomtickets.com . Got mine, seems like it should be good and not the mindless slugfests of the Superman movies.


I’m interested in any thoughts from SRKers that go to the prime showings tonight. I’ve also heard rumors that Zach Snyder’s hands are all over the writing and script for Aquaman, so I may wait for it to be released on Bluray if that’s true.


Is Titans in the Arrowverse?


Nope. Streaming service shows will be it’s own universe.


Any chance Titans is apart of the multiverse the Arrowverse has been expanding upon?


I liked the Vincent Chase version better.

My girl got to about five minutes in before she asked me before my car keys just in case she couldn’t put up with it any longer and would want to wait in the car instead. She hated it and gives it one star. She’s more of a Marvel fan, and is still thinking about why those come off better to her.

The CGI in the beginning is a bit rough/green screen, but they’re trying to do an amazing amount in CGI so you can’t fault them too much. Saw the 2D screening - maybe the 3D screenings may be more fun? There is definitely shit flying everywhere half the time. The “evil” soldiers looked like a cross between the Visionaries and the new villain (?) from the Lego Movie 2. Random ass designs, but at least consistent.

They definitely tried really fucking hard to make it a good movie. I disagree with a lot of it, but it is kinda lame but enjoyable. Best part is costumes and most of the casting. Don’t go in expecting much and you should enjoy it.

edit: Also, Mera wearing platforms everywhere including underwater was unreasonably funny to me.


Infinite Earths…


There’s some bits in the movie like dark and brooding Arthur Curry and Snyder-like slo-mo sequences that aren’t too annoying. It’s slightly better in cinematography, lighting and pacing (taking cues from Wonder Woman, no less) than BvS and MoS in my opinion. It’s raking in mad bank internationally so that’s a good sign.


Meet Dr Midnite…


I enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. It’s worth watching on the big screen. Only thing I didn’t like was the CGI. The CGI could have been better.


I really enjoyed Aquaman. Pretty classic stuff. Gorgeous visuals, very simple story, the most comic -booky comic book movie so far :slight_smile:


Hype…and they may even add Danny the Street.



Injustice Society starting to emerge…