Justice League/DC movie thread


Saw Aquaman today, it was like the movie version of a rock concert lol.
Excellent world building, music, costumes and just beautiful overall. I was literally telling my friends “man look at the colors, Atlantis is stunning” every minutes.
Congrats to them, makes me hopeful for what’s coming next.


Aquaman meets…Aquaman.


Meet the Doom Patrol…


I need the WTF button back…


I’m going to see Aquaman on Sunday. So before I see it, I will be running a marathon of the DCEU films.


All 4 of them? That takes not even a day. Lol
It’s not like the gauntlet of MCU before End Game.


Aren’t they 5?

  • Man of Steel
  • BvS
  • Suicide Squad
  • Wonder Woman
  • Justice League


Suicide squad doesnt reallllll count


Suicide Squad is barely a movie to begin with. It’s like a 2 hour trailer to a bad movie.

Also, it hasn’t been really confirmed that it’s tied into the DCCU. I mean they have like 3 different joker movies planned, a afleck-less Batman movie (I think? I remember reading about that. I could be wrong) and tons of other dumb shit. So who knows?


Suicide Squad counts! All DCEU Matter!


That Titans finale…

Kon-El and Krypto???


Aquaman was awesome. Just came out of the theater. Will post later I’m on phone. Definitely enjoyable on the big screen. Almost pulled a Pee Wee Herman with Meera and the wine scene


Suicide Squad is a meme movie that was at best something to have on in the background


It’s definitely them. That finale felt more like a midseason finale.


I am quite hyped for this movie…


Suicide Squad was the “Jonah Hex” of the DCEU thus far. Hot garbage that contributed nothing positive to the rest of the movieverse.


Aquaman was excellent! Shed man tears when he saw his mom and when he held the trident. I want a sequel like now. Black Manta about to fuck up Aquaman’s world.


I still can’t get over how bad the OG Aquaman outfit looks on Mamoa though. It’s so fucking cringe. Laughably bad.


So i was proven wrong twice this year. I thought for sure that both Bumblebee and Aquaman were going to suck so hard!

Wow. Both were amazing and 10 out of 10.

2018 had some good stuff but overall, i thought it was a bit underwhelming compared to previous years. It really made a comeback at the last minute.


Didn’t see Aquaman but just seen Bumblebee…

Brought tears of joy and sadness at the same time…

The 1980s were good! Wish I can live it again!!!

Icing on the cake would have been a Shinobi cab!