Justice League/DC movie thread


Same here, makes me sad too. 80’s were the greatest! Especially the movies. There wasn’t an ounce of cynicism or self-awareness. When they thought they had a concept that was cool? They went all the way with it and held nothing back! Sometimes the results were goofy as hell and failed but, in many cases it resulted in something GLORIOUS!

Today’s movies don’t have that. They are made with a sorta “overly self-consciousness” vibe to it. They only dive in about 75%, while the other 25% of the movie pokes fun at itself. As if they’re scared people 20 years later will see the movie and think it’s silly, so they try to beat’em to the punch as if to be like, “Oh we knew this idea was kinda silly back then too”.

The end result is something that may still be good but, lacks that sheer Heart and energy.


DC Universe for 2019…


Grabbing lunch before aquaman. I’m not expecting much but we’ll see.


Aquaman wasn’t bad but it was faaaar away from being good. The cgi was pretty bad, the Atlantian costumes were laughably bad (the OG Aquaman outfit on Mamoa looked TERRIBLE), I also don’t think Jason Mamoa is a good actor and he makes an even worse Aquaman.

The girl that played Mera was super cute though. I just hated the forced romance. Like, I know Mera and Arthur end up together but like, it was so stupidly forced.


Saw Aquabro the other night. Had a blast!


The CW can get someone like Roman Reigns for the TV series like Crisis on Infinite Earths, if the DC folks want to keep the Pacific Islander/Polynesian theme for Aquaman…


I like how they lowkey just made him samoan canon with his samoan dad. I thought he was just gonna have no real explanation and just keep chugging with the half human/Atlantian thing. Just keep it vague like every rock role.


Which is fine. Bad movies can be entertaining.
See: Every fast and furious movie, the chronicles of riddick/pitch black series, the xxx Trilogy, every Steven Seagal movie, etc.


Aquabro wasn’t a bad movie though



It was lots of fun despite the long running time. The first action scene with Queen Atlanna is fucking amazing. I kinda wish they hadn’t spoiled the Sicily scene on the trailer, it is fucking nuts. Haven’t seen a scene so well done in terms of action for a while.

I feel the editing coulda been more polished but honestly it kinda feel weird to be a DC movie where you really enjoy watching on big screen (I did like MoS but this is more fun). Watching Atlantis and the final battle on IMAX was great, would recommend to anyone to experience it on the biggest screen possible.

Meera wine scene legit gave me a boner. Momoa’s take on Aquaman is unique and I honestly thought it wouldn’t work from JL but the movie has proven me wrong. As long as the audience believes this is indeed Aquaman is alright and he has definitely convinced everyone by now


I’m cautiously optimistic…


planning on taking the wife to see Aquaman tomorrow night as a late birthday present. As per my norm, I’m going into the movie with some pretty low expectations.


Lol women were wooing jason at my theater. People actually clapped at the end of the movie. People didnt even clap for wonder woman.


People have extremely shitty tastes.
Aqua Man is barely passable.
Wonder Woman was good until the end sequence where Chris pines character was all like “I love you” and suddenly Wonder Woman catches the feels for him and gets all emotional about him dying. It was so ham fisted and cheese. It was a great movie up until that point. The Aries fight was pretty stupid too.



I saw Aquaman on Xmas day in a crowded Miami theater and there were lots of claps during the recovery of the “special trident” and at the very end.

Id give it 7.5/10.
Of all the DCEU films, I consider it and WW the only outright good films (WW is 8.5/10 for me)


Design of Atlantis -city/creatures/troops etc
Momoa may not be an Oscar level actor but he puts a lot of enthusiasm in his performance
the camaraderie between Arthur and Mera
everything with Black Manta - esp the Sicily sequence


Ocean Master is kind of mediocre. I dont know anything of comic Aquaman and his lore. Ive only seen Orm in the Justice League cartoon and he didn’t make much impression on me there either.

I know this film needs CGI but it does get a bit “video gamey” in many scenes.

There is a weird habit with the film. Whenever there is a dramatic or exposition scene and it begins to go on too long, there is an explosion or projectile that enters the room. It happens at least three times.

Switching between current time and the flashbacks to young Arthur seem slightly jarring. Also, some young Orm flashbacks would have been nice.


Well at least with Aquaman they seem to be trying to shake off the whole “dark tone” from the DCEU.

I commend them for making a somewhat decent film out of somebody like Aquaman. Still think this movie should have been released BEFORE JL, but it is what it is.


I appreciate aquabro. Jason has range, between drago and his character in frontier. But clearly they wanted someone who is far and away from serious.

I wanna see manta develop more. They literally ripped off the iron man scene for him. I dont know too much about him in comics but it’s clear they wanna imply hes super intelligent. Like a lex Luthor meets tony stark


there is nothing wrong with dark or necessarily good with bright and colorful, it depends on what type of movie and how you execute it. Like if you do a Spiderman movie, it shouldn’t be dark. If you do a Batman, it kinda wants to be dark. Aquaman being underwater and stuff, it makes sense to make it colorful.

I just don’t like lazy associations where color = good movie and dark = trash movie


I’d give Aquaman a solid 6.5, it gets more right than wrong. The big LoTR battle was completely pointless and felt shoehorned in. What the hell were they thinking with the random cringe pop, I felt like I was revisiting Smallville but Mamoa and Heard don’t have any chemistry like Welling and Kruek. Movie needed to be a half hour shorter.

Black Manta was a far more interesting villain than Aquaman’s brother.

LOL RedletterMedia’s review, they commented how broken Superman would be in the movie, the whole deal with the trident would have been a complete cakewalk.

They really like the fact they went all out with the costumes.