Justice League/DC movie thread


I felt that way with their comic book counterparts.
Black Mantis is the perfect foil for Aquaman in terms of combat. A mercenary with military combat training, knows how to steal what ever he wants (including prototype subs from secret military bases), and what he lacks in physical ability he makes up for in Tech.

Most of Ocean Master’s threat is political, and the last time he tried to take the throne, his efforts were laughable.

Here is a quick gist, largely paraphrases to save time
Ocean Master: Brother I Want you to abdicate the throne
Aquaman: Sure, explain to the people of Atlantis how you are their new King, Then explain to all the sea life how you are their new king, then explain the whole thing to Mera.
And if all 3 agree, then I will step down.
Ocean master: Wait you said Mera, never mind then I want to live.

I am kinda man they really, really simplify Mera’s backstory and gave her a major nerf.
She more of Arthur’s equal than just his queen, she his equal as she can also hold her own against like likes of Superman


It’s Manta!!!


But he looks nothing like a Manta Ray…

lol corrected :tup:


Black Manta would have been cool In the movie if he hadn’t been treated like a bitch. He got the shit kicked out of him constantly. It was sad to watch.

That was another thing I didn’t like about Aquaman. Nothing felt like a threat. Just a minor inconvenience.


Aquaman got his ass handled to him the whole movie. The character himself brought it up.

When it comes to Manta I didn’t like that the guy was being treated like a sub-boss but if it sets him up as being the main villain for the sequel I will be cool with it.


Haha! I remembered at the time Ocean Master really reminded me of Nite Owl from Watchmen when he had his mask on. I just took a look at the rest of the cast, and it IS Nite Owl!

I guess the actor just has that “face”, when wearing a half-mask type. Instantly recognizable.


It’s on track to be more successful than Wonder Woman and Justice League.


Yeah, he’s getting his ass handed to him but like, none of it matters because he’s basically invincible. None of it poses a real threat though. Just a minor inconvenience. Like the dude took a Grenade to the chest. Brushed it off and kicked ass. Took a full powered eye blast from manta, his arms got singed and kicked his ass, got stabbed a few times, didn’t exactly bother him.

Characters with that kind of invulnerability have always bothered me and upset me because nothing poses a threat to them. It’s just boring


In the Red Letter Media review they do point out that he isn’t invincible, in some of the comics he has his arm chopped off and replaced with a hook or a water hand.


Don’t really agree. He got worked over a lot and would have died at least once without outside intervention from my recollection


“Wrong wrong wrong wrong. I don’t like the movie so you’re wrong because I’m right and I have more wrongs coming.” -People who don’t like nice things.


I haven’t read the comics but movie Meera did seem more special than the rest of atlanteans. Like she neutralized Orm, held her own versus those elite guards, etc. Her power is really cool and from what I remember I like that Heard doesn’t look as skinny as when she was with Johnny Depp


I’m aware.


Aquaman got fucked up in his second fight against Manta. That eye beam from Manta severely burned him. The other Atlantian weapons he used put a bent in him. Manta had him dead to rights before he got thrown off the cliff. He left him half dead before heading out to the trench.

Saying he shrugged it off isn’t what happened.


Magic. She uses magic.


Some Swamp Thing shots…


Aquaman grossed $750 million in the global box office. It made more money than Man of Steel, Suicide Squad and Justice League


Entourage owes Aquaman an apology.



The Entourage movie/tv show, they make Aquaman movie, I’ve not seen it I’ve only heard that Entourage is a terrible show and movie.


Entourage is a TV show on HBO about a young A-list actor. One of the most memorable storylines on the show is how the main character starred in a Aquaman movie and it became an international hit. The whole thing was treated as a joke.