Justice League/DC movie thread


Guys I know what Entourage is, I was being facetious. :wink:


Finally saw Justice League. 6.5/10

CGI looks kinda shitty at times
Lot of shit is rushed, which is obviously due to them making this movie after only 2 previous DC movies
But its 100000000x better than BvS


My reaction to you saying Josstice League was better than BVS…



Damn dude… BvS was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.


JL had one good scene, when Supes side eyes Flash, the rest of the movie is garbage rotting in the sun.


Both post credit scenes are good as well. And I liked the Amazons scene too


The theatrical cut of BvS is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The ultimate cut is decent. Greatly improved the first two acts. Third act is still terrible though.


Justice League as a movie is better than BvS. BvS is a streaming pile of shit.


I’d rather watch suicide squad than bvs.



Wonder Woman - Steak
Aquaman - Sushi

Justice League -Grilled Cheese

MOS/BVS/SS - poop


Man of Steel was good, u trippin. I’d put it 3rd or 4th. With Aquaman & WW obviously being the top 2


Man of Steel while not a bad movie it wasn’t what I wanted from a Superman movie. I have a Superman that inspires hope in people. Snyder’s Supes didn’t do that.


lol. Sure. I’m stealing that. Anytime i don’t know something, i was merely being, “facetious”.


Man of Steel was a decent movie about a Superpowered Alien struggling to be accepted on earth and dealing with his past.

It was NOT a good Superman movie.

Edit: damnit. Meant to add-on to my above post.


For DC fans/Superman comic readers,who would you say is the best live action version of Lex Luthor we’ve had so far?


I’ll ACT this shit down:

E.) None of the above.


I’m constantly sarcastic, It should be obvious at this point.


Michael Rosenbaum is my personal favorite.


Smallville version is the most the accurate in acting/tone. Just not accurate in plot


None of the live action Luthors have been particularly good