Justice League/DC movie thread


There will never be a satisfactory Live Action Lex Luthor. Simple as that.


I liked Spacey Luthor, just didn’t like the movie. My ideal Luthor would be Mark Strong tho


Rosenbaum was great as a younger Lex best friends with Clark but still obsessed with the mystery around him.
The thing I liked the most about Lex in Smallville is that until his last moments you want him to be good. Sadly it gets dumb with the clones and all but that’s Smallville. There’s also his scene with Clark in the last episode when he completely embraces his dark side, it was great.
Lex and Lois were the best part of the show imo


It got dumb with the clones because Rosenbaum left the show. He only came back for the finale itself.


Dwayne Johnson as lex. Yes please


Wtf? No. What the fuck is wrong with you


Lena on the CW TV Show…


Lionel Luthor was the :goat: tho


Spacey Luthor was like perfect casting but horrible Luthor character (silly 80s Luthor). He could have pulled the perfect Luthor given a proper script. I think a younger Michael C Hall could work as Luthor


What I hate about Lionel Luthor is he never existed in the comics.
There was no one like him in any continuity other than Smallville.

What happen is Lex killed his worthless drunk white trash parents when he was a kid by cutting the break lines to their car.
He collected the life insurance (that went into a trust fund and college fund). Lex earned some scholarships and grants (for additional funds), went to college, graduated, then sue the auto manufacturer of the car in question for selling a car with faulty breaks, use that as starting capital to launch his business. Which is all part of Lex’s plans when he was like 8 years old.


I did read the non authorized biography from the 80s/early 90s. I started reading Superman with Byrne’s MoS reboot. Always loved the portray of Luthor as a business man instead of a mad scientist as he was in the 60s. The Bizarro chapter is done particularly well there


They just need to somehow properly translate DCAU Lex (the best Lex) to the big screen


Best Lex Luthor right here



In the comics, new writers often bring good new things to the title’s mythology. Audiovisual adaptations can be seen just like that: new stories for the characters.


Thats like saying best Batman, superman, flash, joker etc. It goes without saying.


Aquaman beat Wonder Woman and BvS in worldwide gross. Who would have thought that an Aquaman movie would be DC’s biggest money maker?


Don’t care for aquaman. I’ll see it when it’s available to DL


That movie was actually too good for Aquaman. Such a fantastic treatment should have been reserved for those like Superman instead. Imagine if MoS had this level of effort and polish put into it.

If you went into this movie without any prior knowledge of DC comics or it’s characters, you’d think Aquaman must be DC’s most popular character with the way this movie pumped him up.


It did. It just happened to suck.


Man of Steel was absolutely amazing. I love that movie.