Justice League/DC movie thread


Man of Steel is a good action movie/super hero movie but a terrible super man movie.


Ari Gold.


Snyder’s Superman was too dumb to be MY Superman.


The only thing that I didn’t like about MoS was Jonathan Kent’s death. Superman literally could have got to him and saved him without anyone even noticing. If they were going to kill him off they should have just stuck to him having a heart attack. Something Kal-El couldn’t have done anything about.

As for Snyder’s Superman overall, he ruined the Kents. They were supposed to be the source of his strong moral compass. Clark had strong morals in spite of them. Seriously his parents were duplicitous as hell.


Lol lois figured out Clark was superman by googling shit. I dunno why everyone glosses over that but it’s still hilarious to me


Young Justice S3 definitely takin advantage of the freedoms they have not being on network tv. First 3 episodes pretty damn grim


Yeah they went HAM. All kinds of shit that never would have gotten by Cartoon Network.


George Newbern is basically my Superman…


Whomever the voice guy is that did Superman in the recent Injustice games, and cartoons of the past 10+ years. That guys’s voice emanates pure testosterone, just like Kevin Conroy’s Batman. Even when he’s trying to be evil, he still sounds heroic/charismatic.


That’s George Newbern…


Tim Daly best superman. Also new young justice kinda meh so far.
Poorer animation and art.


Def not “poorer” art. It’s the same team, the same character designer…mind you who’s been doin mosr of the good DC movies people enjoy.


Doesn’t mean the production value is the same (haven’t seen it, didn’t like YJ the first time)


Luke Wilson as Stargirl’s step dad…


Aquaman VFX reel…


Wow, CGI is better than I thought. Some of the things they used CGI for I didn’t catch.


I never understood the “too much cgi” thing ppl spammed early on. Like is an UNDERWATER sci-fi. How are you shooting scenes without cgi lol


Right on…



The Marvel fan boys/fan girls are gonna hate!!!

By the way, do I have to watch Avengers Infiniy War in order to watch Captain Marvel?..