Justice League/DC movie thread


You’re probably ok without seeing Infinity War first because Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990’s. BUT there’s no reason you shouldn’t watch it first because it’s bad ass.


maybe just for what i assume the extra scenes will be infinity war related but honestly if you’ve seen the first avenegers movie you should be good. the only reason because you’d understand coulson and fury character changes.


talking avengers on the dc thread lulz

I rewatched the nolan batman trilogy over the weekend (one movie each night) and damn watching all together was very satisfactory. I shed a man tear again with Gordon/kid Bruce flashback and when Alfred cries at the Wayne tombstones. I had forgotten how bad ass Batman Begins was too, hadn’t seen it in a while


Dark knight rises is literal garbage though. It was just throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks.

One “good” movie out of like 7 doesn’t mean shit. Marvels track record far supersedes DC’s awful track record.


Maybe i’m just a sucker for a great origin story but, Batman Begins is my favorite of the trilogy by far.

Batman Begins and Dark Knight were 10/10 movies, both memorable in their own way. Dark Knight Rises wasn’t as great but, i’d give it at least an 8/10.


I actually agree with you for once :joy:


I don’t want to add to this silly war but iirc Avengers was the first MCU movie to reach a billion, their 7th movie just like Aquaman. To do it with Aquaman is huge.
And I still think Man of Steel was a great movie, BvS was good too until Doomsday. The bad ones were Suicide Squad And Justice League imo.

Titans is now on Netflix for everyone outside the US, go watch it !


That’s fine. Not exactly my point though. Every marvel movie has been a critical and financial success. DC movies haven’t. Aqua Man is their first real “good” movie and even then…it’s really just meh to okay at best. I’ll give it the fact it’s not the drizzling shits like Suicie Squad, Man of Steel and BvS.

Also, just because you’re a financial success like aqua man is doesn’t mean it’s actually good. There are toooons of shitty things in various forms of media that made or made bank that are extremely shitty.

I have no favoritism towards either. I think marvel movies are over hyped, hugs budgted pop corn films that try to be dramatic and important. The only actually good marvel movies are Black Planther, Thor Ragnarok, and sorta Spider-Man: Homecoming and I guess iron-man 1. While infinity war is a great “experience” when you first see it. When you watch it on multiple viewings it falls apart at the seams just like pretty much every marvel movie.


Wonder Woman was their first good movie. Aquaman is their second one. Hopefully Shazam can maintain that momentum.


The entire 3rd act killed it for me.


Wonder Woman was going perfect until that awful plot twist and final battle (pretty much Snyder written stuff). I still hold in high esteem the movie, though.


Idc what critics say, Iron Man 2 Thor 2 Incredible Hulk were really mediocre movies. I keep saying Iron Man 3 was garbage too but some ppl here seem to like it as a B movie.


There’s nothing wrong with Iron Man 3. I will fight you.


Iron Man 3 is the worst MCU movie I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen them all.


I’ve actually enjoyed all of the DCEU movies in the theater (well, Man of Steel is probably the only one I almost didn’t enjoy at all). And they haven’t been box office failures.

Aside from JL (which was a flop indeeed, but only because the extra money they burned for the reshoots), they all have made good money. If it was below their ambitions that’s something else.

I think WW and Aquaman are very positive notes that show DCEU movies can and will be very competitive with the MCU movies from now on.
The fact Aquaman had far more success than Thor: Ragnarok, being kind of similar movies and Aquaman being in huge disadvantage compared with the popularity of characters like Loki or Hulk, makes me really happy.

Please note Shazam! isn’t a WB production; it’s made by New Line Cinema.


DC needs to stop focusing on competing with Marvel and focus on making good movies. That is what got them into this mess. Instead doing things right, they rushed to catch up to Marvel. Too bad the writers strike and douchbaggery from the Australian government cost us George Miller’s Justice League film.


No arguments here. I agree all three of those movies vary from garbage to mediocre.


You honestly think that Thor the Dark World is a better movie than Iron Man 3? That right there is the MCU worst movie.


Worst MCU movies have been Iron Man 2 and Thor 2, pretty much everyone can agree.

Iron Man 3 is just too controversial to put it in the list; most of the audience (and I mean general non-comic-book-nerdy audience is perfectly ok with the movie, but for others it’s a sacrilegy.

DCEU worst movie is harder to determine, personally I think it’s Suicide Squad, it’s a pretty trashy, safe, pandering, naca movie, that pretty much wasted the potential it had to be something great (and damn if it had the elements to be). I still enjoyed it, anyway, but I definitely think it’s nearly meritless.

While some people see Batman v Superman as a complete bore and Justice League as a Frankenstein mess.
I was entertained by both in the theater (if you take BvS as something entirely apart from classic Batman and Superman you can get into the movie; there was terribly done stuff -like Lex Luthor- though) and I’m very fond of Justice League, but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:


I like Suicide Squad more than BvS and Man of Steel. The characters save Suicide Squad for me. Everything else is shit.