Justice League/DC movie thread


They’re already doing that.

Aquaman felt like something entirely separate from the general DCEU-Justice League narrative, they’re also producing “alternate continuity” one-off movies like Joker, and the Harley Quinn movie most likely won’t tie-in with anything else.

Meanwhile, no Batman/Superman/Justice League follow-ups announced (Matt Reeves’s Batman will be a prequel with no Ben Affleck and reportedly a self-contained movie with no ties to the DCEU, very likely it will never state or imply it’s set in the same continuity).


El Diablo was my favorite part of Suicide Squad…


This guy and Boomerang was what made the movie to me.

But really, the plot and script are very crappy.


Yes, Iron Man 3 is terrible. I’d never voluntarily watch it again.


Well I found Iron Man 3 very entertaining.

Definitely way dumber than the previous MCU movies, but enjoyable nonetheless.


Over the holidays my mom wanted to watch Iron Man 2 cause she never saw it. Since I made her watch Get Out (she doesn’t enjoy “scary” movies) I was like “alright, it wasn’t that bad”. Boy I had forgotten that trash was over 2 h long… I gotta say only thing that kept me from just staring at my phone was Sam Rockwell, I always enjoy his acting.

I personally thought JL was ok but definitely a disappointment considering what we are talking about here and also because 95% of JL animated movies have been good pre and post 52. It had cringy moments and lack of cohesion but some action scenes worked for me (Amazons scene, Supes vs Wonder Woman, Batman car scene with Williams score).

BvS on the other hand, it was a sorta ambitious project and it really was boring for the regular movie goer. I watched the extended cut and improved the movie since it made Luthors plan better explained but now the movie is almost 3 h long… The problem besides Supes take was Doomsday and including WW. Diana making a cameo at the party was fine and should have worked but they should have saved WW for JL/solo movie. Also, like I said even before the movie was released they should have not done Doomsday (save that for a JL movie instead) but Metallo/Luthor. Metallo can “kill” Superman and you still get the setup for JL if that’s what they wanted.


Margaret Robbie is reprising her role. That in itself is a tie-in. Bird of Prey is being treated as the spiritual successor to Suicide Squad.


It’s a sequel. But not an integrated Cinematic Universe. With the MCU, for example, each movie picks up something from the previous ones and sets up for the next ones (even when they’re not part of the same property/trilogy).

Post credits scenes of Winter Soldier set up Age of Ultron, GotG was a big set up for Infinity War, which in turn set up the Capt. Marvel movie, Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming were set up by Civil War…

With the new DC lineup some movies will have no connection to the DCEU (MoS->BvS->JL movies) whatsoever. Aquaman made only a blink-and-you-missed reference to JL and it doesn’t set up anything else for the DCEU other than an Aquaman sequel. WW did the same and so will do its sequel, Shazam! will very likely have zero connection with other DCEU properties and won’t set up anything.

I still think we’ll have a Justice League sequel sooner or later, but overall Aquaman, WW, Harley, etc., will follow their own path. For now it’s a cinematic universe because these new series spun off from the same roots (BvS), but each one’s going to be a separate thing with no further connections, so it’s a way less ‘integrated’ cinematic universe. And I think it’s the wise thing to do.


Shazam was supposed to have a Cavill Superman cameo and that’s when the whole thing exploded. I think it would have been a nice nod to an expanded universe


I want the cartoon version where dupes tells at shazam for being an idiot. And shazam tells supes to help and guide batson


That exactly makes it apart of integrated universe. It doesn’t need to set up another movie. Shazam got references to the DCEU all over his room. Guy has Superman articles everywhere and a batarang on his dresser. To say it’s not DCEU is an outright lie.


It’s way less integrated than the MCU, where everything’s part of a big single narrative.

That’s the most you can ask for about DC “not trying to catch up with Marvel”, unless you want to reboot everything and have each character be part of their own individual universe and never meet each other.


Even the MCU isn’t all apart of a single narrative. Guardians and Ant-Man movies are standalone. The many of the other films stand on their alone without the need to watch another movie. Only Avengers requires you to watch any previous film.


They’re not. Ant-Man literally starts with a flashback scene featuring Iron Man’s dad and Captain America’s girlfriend. Falcon from the Avengers appears. And the final scene teases an alliance between Ant-Man and The Avengers, which we see in Civil War.
Ant-Man 2 sets up a lot of Quantum Realms concepts that with no doubt you’ll see payoff in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

A great part of the first Guardians movie is about expanding on what we already saw in Avengers, Captain America and Thor: The Dark World, and it’s a big setup for Infinity War. We even see the Thor cast in the post-credits scene.

There’s a big chance if you didn’t see those previous movies, or you don’t plan to see the movies that come next, you’re left with a lot of doubts and questions about everything. Simply watch the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

If you say that’s ‘standalone’, well, then Wonder Woman and Aquaman are even more standalone than the MCU movies, for sure.


Would have been better if Ares was still the bad guy in Justice League instead of shitty Steppenwolf.


Continuity nods doesn’t stop a film from being standalone. The opening scene of Ant-Man is meant to establish Pym and his past. The film gives the audience enough exposition of who the Avengers are and Falcon to get full context of the scene.

Quantum science is Ant-Man’s wheelhouse. Much like magic is to doctor strange, espionage to Captain America, technology to Iron Man, etc. It doesn’t exist just to be used in Endgame.

Biggest connection Guardians 1 has is the exposition dump on the Infinity stones. Even then you can contain to just that film as the power stone was the macgiffin of the film. The Warriors Three meeting with the Collector was post credits for The Dark World not Guardians. Guardians post credits had Howard the duck.


aka the best post credits scene. Howard Duck is the GOAT.


Ant-Man is not standalone. It’s connected to a lot of different pieces of the already established MCU mythology: S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man, Captain America, HYDRA, the Avengers… all of them have A LOT of weight in the dynamics of the story, all of them cast their shadow in the actions of the protagonists.

It is accessible, yes, but it’s 100% just a gear in the overall MCU, dependent of other gears.

Standalone means something created entirely from scratch, that establishes its own rules, its own world, never seen before. Ant-Man doesn’t explain you who Stark is. Doesn’t explain what HYDRA is or what SHIELD is, or what the Avengers are.

Aquaman does explain you, in detail, what is Atlantis. It explains all its lore. THAT is standalone. The movie doesn’t depend on the audience already knowing who Arthur is, who Mera is, who is the Justice League, who Steppenwolf is (he’s simply namedropped in one single second of the movie and has one could say no weight in the story).

Is it part of an already set universe? Formally, yes, it is. But watching the movie you can totally ignore that and you don’t miss anything.

WW doesn’t connect with any other character from the DCEU. The only connection with past movies is the picture of Wonder Woman and her friends, which is completely understandable without having seen other movies. THAT is standalone.

Is it part of an already set universe? Formally, yes, it is. But watching the movie you can totally ignore that and you don’t miss anything.


Closest thing to standalone movies in the MCU are Iron Man 1, Doctor Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.


I’m just sitting here waiting for Shazam to come out.