Justice League/DC movie thread


Ant-Man doesn’t need to explain who Stark is because he’s of no relevance to the movie. Howard is one that the movie addresses as he’s the one with the connection to Pym and everything you need to know is in that opening scene. It’s standalone in that all the relevant information you need to know is contained within that movie. There’s dot connecting if your already invested in that universe but your average movie goer won’t be thrown for a loop if they didn’t see a Marvel movie before it niether. Your experience will be better knowing it but nothing is lost if you don’t.


It has. It’s totally depending on the audience on knowing who SHIELD, HYDRA and the Avengers are. There’s a part where Cross is receiving his suitors and Pym asks “are you receiving HYDRA people?”. If you haven’t seen the other movies, there’s a big plot point there you have, you don’t understand why that is something bad.

About the Avengers, first mention is “why don’t we call the Avengers?” If someone doesn’t know what they are, there’s a big chance they don’t understand why; it’s also followed up by “I won’t give my technology to another Stark”… which another Stark? You have to have seen the other movies (or at least have the general knowledge) in order to understand.

When Scott is out on his training mission and suddenly he sees the warehouse has the “A” symbol and he goes like “oh, sh*t!”, someone who haven’t seen the other movies won’t understand what the A stands for, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Ant-Man definitely not standalone, it’s completely embedded in the universo already developed and detailed in the other movies, it’s just another gear that smoothly slides in. If you don’t understand the context of this world, you miss like 20-25% of the movie, and you won’t understand the stakes and such.

Is it accessible? Yeah, kind of, but still dependent on the knowledge of the other movies, at least in general terms.
Yeah, Disney knows we all seen those movies, but that doesn’t mean they are standalone.


Most the origin stories (and even some of the sequels) could be considered stand alone/their own series because a lot of them didn’t even mention Thanos or the Infinity Stones until post Avengers. Even then some of them Post-Avengers could be considered stand alone. Like Black Panther for example could easily be a stand alone despite it referencing Civil War at the beginning.

That said, they all add to the over all Mythos and story line they’re trying to tell.


So far I’ve disliked Iron Man 2 the most, followed by Iron Man 3 sadly.


Iron Man 2 suffered from weak villains and behind the scenes BS. IM3 suffered from weak writing and the stigma that RDJ wanted to stop being iron man. Also, The Mandarin plot twist pissed a lot of people off.


I just think they are kind slow, aimless and boring, especially IM2 which literally stops the story for like 15 minutes for an Avengers set up. Meh.


Whiplash was a fucking shitty villain made shittier because Mickey Rourke hated the script and the character so he beeeeyond phoned it in.


The S.H.I.E.L.D. involvement was very distracting, I wasn’t a fan of giving Black Widow her own fighting scene in a clicmatic moment.

But the story on itself was rather unpleasant, with Tony confused all the time, can’t forget that pathetic fight of Stark vs Rhodes where they blow up a toilet… quite stupid.

The villains were insufferable too :confused:

Only part I liked was the ‘daddy issues’ arc resolution. The rest was garbage, pretty much.


Yea I fucking hate Rouke in that movie, his accent sounds so fucking stupid and fake, and he looks and sounds so fucking bored.


“I want my burd”


Should have let go, and got fat, just fot the effect.

Because in that costume, that would have been a statement.



Is it wrong that that I find this to be the most hype promo thus far?




It’s perfect for the Marvel discussion currently happening in this DC thread. :thinking:


Wait this is the DC thread? Did Jion Wasu derail another thread?


This genuinely made me smile.


Y’all are full blown bammas! You fell into that bullshit quicksand.


Funny seeing the DCEU is dead, WB and DC did none of the leg work and structure that Marvel did to make their cinamatic universe.

Going with films being their own self contained stored is how Marvel started with their films.
And each film pretty much is in a different genre.


The DCEU tried to do WAAAAAY too much in so little time. It constantly kept fumbling over itself and WB constantly was making them
Change shit and force shit. This isn’t even remotely surprising.