Justice League/DC movie thread


Ang Lee’s Hulk wasn’t good and “director product” movies are not always good. That second part is pretty much my point.


As for the MCU, those movies aren’t “director visions”, they’re producer visions. They’re Kevin Feige’s vision. That’s why they’re mostly consistent in quality and more or less in tone too. The director brings some flavour to it but most of the movies are Feige’s thing. He’s faaar away of giving a lot of “creative control” to the directors, especially when it comes to the general movie vision.

GotG movies are the exception, and the second one wasn’t all that good.



What are you 5?

The general audience that sees comic movies don’t know dick. They just see them because they’re the “cool” thing to do now. They’ll ingest unimaginable amounts of stupid shit but write it off as “good”. And even fans of the comics will write the shit off as good because they’re blinded by either nostalgia, blind fanboyism or both.

And that’s just not limited to comic book movies. It happens all the time with established franchises. Look at jurrasic Park world and it’s follow up lost kingdom. Both are fucking awful movies but people went and seen them because dinosaurs are “cool”. They didn’t care about the plot or even the movie itself. All they cared about it was who was in it and how many dinosaurs there were.

Justice League sunk at the box office because it fucking blew and it was just the end game of DC throwing shit against the wall and see what sticks.


General audience is what matters in this business, like it or not. They’re what determines if a movie series/franchise/project goes on or gets axed, like the DCEU.

Thus, don’t try to say WB to “focus on unique director movie visions to succeed”, only because some of them might turn out to be great (and, for who? For the three people in the world who liked Hulk 2003, for Snyder widows who still want him to do Justice League 2 and burn more millions dollar and ruin the Batman and Superman brands for 15 more years?). You’re trying to sell a product, you need tight control to ensure box office results.

As for Jurassic World, it was on one part nostalgia, in the other one a sort of return of a gimmick. Bad movie but entertaining, only the bar was left too low and as the nostalgia/gimmick wears off, the audience. Same that happened to the Transformers movies rather later.

As for X-Men, you could see an actual increase in interest (from both the audience, box office and critic reviews), from First Class, to Days of Future Past, to Logan and Deadpool. They set the bars higher in storytelling quality.


This is such a bullshit and hollow generalization.


Congradulations, you managed to get half of that fucking post to be about what i said.


Business rules. If the product’s consumed, you can keep investing in more iterations.

As much as I loved Mad Max: Fury Road, audience wasn’t that thrilled, thus the franchise was shelved.

Mad Max is probably not a franchise-oriented film series, but DC is. As I said, you let Snyder do Justice League and Justice League 2, and you wouldn’t have seen Superman, Batman, WW, Flash and company, in a while… That guy’s “artistic vision” freaking killed Superman, man :confused:
Just like Singer’s “director vision” in Superman Returns.

As a producer, you simply have to set stricter rules to guarantee consistency and the continuity of the brand.


You are the orochizoolander of movies. You write fucking essays about shit but truly say nothing of value.


Business is simple. Diversity and freedom lead to chaos and unexpected results. Control leads to consistency and safety. That’s why you can’t let every director do its own thing if you’re trying to set up something.


Yeah, wasn’t you the same one who said people play Samurai Shodown for the gore?

Why should anyone take what you say seriously?


Nooooo XDD

But I remember that guy (just not the name).

He also said Darkstalkers should become an all-female fighting game, and all the twelve Dolls should be playable in Street Fighter IV, because that would make the “most perfect roster”.


Thank you for describing exactly why corporate run movies suck massive dick majority of the time.


I am actually looking forward to this one…George Newbern.


It’s great to see the DCAU getting a second chance at life. Hopefully it will be better than the Harley Quinn movie.


DCAU back, awesome. Maybe we might get a new mini series or something down the line


Finally got around to watching Regin of the Supermen, Was pretty good and stuck the landing for me and man Cyborg Super-Man good stuff.


lets petition for another season of Justice League timmverse/DCAU with the continued Batman/Diana relationship. That’s my favourite shipping ever!


New Shazam trailer


Some of the main JLU cast have been petitioning one for months on social media…hope it eventually happens.


I liked the Supermen characterizations, those were on point. I didn’t like the Cyborg Superman origin in the movie though. Knew it couldn’t be the same as comics but kinda felt shoehorned in. Loved the nods to the source material (comics covers as news on the movie) and ROFL Make Metropolis Safe Again I almost peed on myself