Justice League/DC movie thread


Shazam! new teaser.

Not interested in this brand of childish humor but hey, not every movie is for everyone :wink:


I literally just posted this not even 5 posts ago. And from the official YouTube page

Fucking pay attention.


No :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny thing is we should never had a sequel after the first Jurassic Park film long ago if the Film didn’t ignore the book’s ending.

Costa Rican military with the aid of the US military did a major incendiary bombing of the whole island just to make sure everything is dead and can’t get out. This was a reaction to some raptors sneaking on boats to the mainland and went to a local hospital to nursery to eat new borns. Of course national laws and international treaties ban the cloning of Dinosaurs, and Dinosaurs outright been outlawed despite the outcry of those who want to protect the prehistoric animals. That ending that could never be allowed for the film.


Shazam movie is exactly how it should be


Everyone wants to forget that Capt Marvel I mean Shazan is a kid, a kid that happens to be in an Adult Body.
Shenanigans will occur

I hope they bring in Mister Tawky Tawny


Yeah but idiots like @Magegg don’t realize that


What the fuck?! XDD


The most we’re get is likely a zoo visit were Billy or Freddy name a tiger that. Maybe a pet cat with the name.


Well with all the Retcons their so many possible origin stories for Tawky Tawny.
He was a familiar/servant of the Wizard, he was a toy brought to life, he was always a man-tiger, he was a tiger who gain intelligence


I rewatched Aquaman with the wife last night, this time in 3D and I was surprised she fucking loved it, she normally doesn’t like action movies and definitely hates comic book movies. But she reaaally liked Aquaman. Had forgotten the escape from Atlantis was fucking badass and was much much better than anything Star Wars has made in the last 25 years (@chadouken). I look forward to more stuff from DC if it keeps with this improved quality


You mean Obi Wan and Anakin leaving the Gungan city with the big fish monsters wasn’t as good?

I also really enjoyed Aquaman.


Hoping they cleaned house at the DCEU, brought in new guys that actually know what they’re doing (no more Zack Sneeder!), and Aquaman wasn’t an isolated incident. This coming from an MCU fan as well. Shazam looks promising.


The guys who are responsible for Aquaman, Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984 (Geoff Johns and Jon Berg) were fired from their position when Justice League tanked. They were replaced by Walter Hamada. Under Hamada DC greenlighted Joker and Birds of Prey. We can’t judge his direction of DC until those films are released.


I’m just going to leave this right here. Could be true, could be false…


I would have given you an Insightful but we only have one reaction type now.


as much as it is nice news I’d be much happier if we got confirmation of Cavill still being Supes. At this point I think it would hurt their universe more if they just start over right after getting good reception on Aquaman and WW


Too many villains for a film noir batman. Should be 1 villain and one not commonly in tv/film.


Black Mask would be perfect for film noir. A shame he’s being used for Birds of Prey.


Young Justice is so damn good man. Glad the show is back. Although I don’t remember shit about what The Reach did last season…