Justice League/DC movie thread


So the Joker script was rewritten as filming went on…wow.


Great. Sounds like a dumpster fire already.


Character teases for Doom Patrol…so they decided to ugly Elasti-girl in this iteration?


plenty of movies do this, I don’t think they’re talking Uwe Boll levels


You mean like this???


@maxx Yeah they said she’s young in this one and that Black Mask wants her for some reason. I’m assuming that BOP will have sequels and the actress is going to grow with the role.






Matt Reeves Batman to open June 25,2021


First I see this.

The I see this.


lol @ afleck “passing the torch” he didn’t even do anything relevant as Bruce/bats except be in two really shitty movies.


I liked BvS director cut. I’m conceding that Justice League is not a great movie. It definitely had some cool parts, but it didn’t flow very well and felt rushed.


You still do it though, otherwise the next two years are gonna be nothing but connecting him to the movie and comparisons.

Affleck wants to move on. So he “passes the torch” to wash his hands of it once and for all.



Bring back the original voice cast…and I’m there.


DC super pets…I dig it.


This is an obvious choice. Terry is the best Batman after all.


Dick is the best Batman but Terry is so fucking close behind him.


Batfleck was actually good and had imo the best Batman scene in live action.


Hated Batfleck in JL tho, Batman should never be friendly, goin door to door to recruit ppl, it was just wierd. But Batfleck DOES look and fight exactly how Batman should in live action l, they NAILED those parts


Terry is the best batman. You take jason todd ans make him not psycho and you get get the primo version