Justice League/DC movie thread


Watching that BvS scene is depressing, they got some much right but the rest of the movie is a hot mess.


You have to be a literal psycho to think BvS was better than JL.


BVS was better than Justice League…


I’d rather work a 12 hour shift with no pay that watch BVS.


I had to stand outside for 5 hours in 5 degree weather today and it was more enjoyable than BvS.


Y’all think BvS was worse than TLJ?


I’d rather watch nothing but BvS for 24 hours and have my stalker find out where I live than ever see TLJ again.



…a reasonable assertion.


Justice League was worse.

Leagues worse, even.

And BvS gave us mercy by multiple Marthas.

Oh, and both actors have butt chins.

And they both speak variations of English.

And neither has really acted for over a decade.

They have so much in common.


Well I don’t think JL had something good in it apart from that Steppenwolf vs amazons scene. The movie was lifeless, like it just happened and everyone forgot about it just after. MoS and BvS UE at least weren’t bland like JL.


About that…


Probably a deliberate “fake leak” to test the waters and if there was an audience interested.


Cavill worked…

Stargirl’s villains…

Y the last man gets a series order.


Damn has Henry Cavill has been exposed to Blue Sunlight? :thinking:


Still lost it pretty fast in order to plausibly get repeatedly fucked up and eventually killed (badly) by Ancient I mean MI Agent Tom Cruise.

It’s like Hemsworth’s Thor.


Is Cavil really done in the role? A damn shame his Superman never got a proper movie. MoS was lame. As a movie about an original super powered alien, struggling to be accepted on earth, and deal with his past? It was decent. As a SUPERMAN MOVIE? It was trash.

And BvsS is a guilty pleasure of mine, in that it’s very well shot with good action but, none of the characters are right.

Probably his best appearance was in Justice League. Which i liked by the way. It was an all-around decent and valiant effort to course correct from Snyder’s garbage at the last minute. Resutling in a flawed but fun movie with a surprising amount of “crowd pleasing” character moments. I also don’t get the Hoopla around Steppen Wolf’s CGI. I thought he looked alright.


No ones sure wtf cavill is doin superman wise. Clearly hes still trolling the fanbase.

All i know is hes somehow confirmed for the next mission impossible movie. HOW NIGGA…YOU GOT DROPPED OFF A HELICOPTER AND ROCKS.


Lol he was awesome in MI and i really thought they fucked up killing him…how the hell is he in the next one?


He’s Kryptonian, The Eradicator brought him back.


The G.O.A.T. Luthor!!
Damn shame live action Lexs are stuck on goofy cringy, sliver silver age mode.