Justice League/DC movie thread


Cavill looks like he has the same HGH supplier as Dwayne.


Best Luthor period…


No way in hell question is (realistically)still alive after that. Especially after being thrown so hard his body went through that desk. Broken ribs, back, neck, etc.


It’s the Reverse House/Modern Sherlock Effect.

…it’s ALWAYS twins.

That, or else, y’know - MI MASKS.

Because why not, at this point?

Also: he was too cornball goofy inept in Fallout for him NOT to get a chance to be perceived as an actual threat.


Looks neat…


We ever gonna Simon Baz in any sort of media?

Edit: Also where the hell is Lagoon Boy on young justice? Did they just forget he exists lmao


You ask for simon like i ask for tim drake in modern dc animated world.



Lagoon Boy was Miss Martian side piece during season 2. The guy straight up disappeared in season 3.



Ahhh…hyped for this.


So is Brendan Fraser, his monthly take home pay just jumped by 50k


Doom Patrol teaser…with Mr. Nobody.


Wasn’t expecting that…



So Alfred is going to be going 007 License to Kill on fools? Sounds interesting.


He is a former intelligence agent in some continues so it would fit.


he always came off as a military hired gun to me


Modern deceptions of Alfred is exactly that. Earth One book, Gotham TV show and Beware the Batman has him as British military. In Beware, he was in the same mercenary group as Deathstroke.


Even in JL he is wearing a green military sweater.