Justice League/DC movie thread


No tache, no pennyworth. Michael caine pennyworth was crap imo.


in TDK he talks to Bruce about a -military- incursion in South East Asia talking about this thief that took precious stones for funsies. It implied he was a hired gun


Meet Shazam…


want moar shazam.


Watched it last night, had a really cool mix of Raimi SM1 and Reeve’s Superman vibe going on


Batman vs TMNT just announced for late spring :fist:t5:


…which TMNT?


Dem turtles, son


The IDW comics TMNT which imo is solid and as good if not better than the original Mirage run. It’s really good.


Don’t expect Margot Robbie to be in Suicide Squad 2…


There is so much blind loyalty, awkward optimism and many cases of Mandela effect in that article. Holy shit.


Heard they cancelled that Jared Leto Joker movie. Thank god, his Joker was :put_litter_in_its_place:


We didn’t see any development of his character. He is an amazing actor, I’m sure he would have made it work


Troy Baker is voicing both Batman and the Joker…


Lego Batman lol


I have to admit…Scott may work.


Yea Id watch that.


Scott is underrated man. He looks and fights like Batman. It would be nice to have a Batman that can do his own stunts.


Ok, I could work with Adkins as Batman. Not bad at all :thinking:


Accents a bit choppy. But if he can get that down then im down with Batkins