Justice League/DC movie thread


Very interesting that his audition video has resurfaced

…things that make you go hmmmm


No one could tell. Ie.batman vs superman Also itd mostly just be bruce that it would be visually more interesting.


I think it would make for better fight scenes. Outside of the one scene in BvS, Batman fight scenes have been underwhelming.


But if Adkins got the part, how would Rocksteady manage to map all the moves to a single button?


:rofl: You make a good point.


Main think i dont like about the dceu or whatever is why all the dudes apart from flash are super buff


Doom Patrol arrives tomorrow…

Doom Patrol intro is messed up…


Meet Huntress’s mom…


I love the goofy, 4th wall breakin tone Doom Patrol has. Nice counter to the super serious Titans (I love Titans, dont get me wrong). Great episode so far