Justice League/DC movie thread


Cyborg was added to the League to add diversity to the line-up. John Stewart was right there but DC wanted their golden boy Hal to be the GL so J’ozz got kicked to the curb.


Im not a huge comic book buff but hal jordan seems kinds meh tbh. In new 52 hes comes across as a bit of a douche.

Whats funny is they kicked black green lantern out but then dient even use any lanterns for the jl movie. Idiots


Hal Jordan as a character is bland. He’s the least interesting character of his mythos. Every other GL is a more interesting character than him.


Due to the fact that he literally IS the perfect personification of being a Green Lantern.

Supes needs his full supporting cast not be dull as paste, himself, lest we be remiss.


I think Supes by himself is an interesting character. I think the his best moments is when he is down to earth helping people with common problems. I really liked the one scene from All-Star Superman when he talks a woman out of committing suicide.


So… in other words, Aquaman and Superman are equals in regards to being able to take damage and having superhuman strength?


Uh superman is stronger but aquaman isnt a chump


Meet Kon-El…


He better be working out with Henry Cavill. The dude that was Superboy in the teaser was buff as hell.


A fair wait…


Of course it’s like warner brothers to get blood from the stone as quickly as possible whenever they have something good on their hands.


I don’t mind especially since the expectations are gonna be high. When people went in for Aquaman they were like “ok let’s see what happens” and the movie turned out to be very enjoyable, not a masterpiece but def watchable especially on the big screen. Now they got niggas anxious to see a sequel


Honestly this is smart of wb. I dont need a rushed product, think this shit out and plan. One big problem was they rushed trying to chase and beat marvel. Now they somehow lucked their way into two great products.

Aquaman really isnt that great, it’s fun. But they def viraled their way into a fuckin #1 product. That’s a big problem with going viral accidentally…you gotta now figure out how to repeat the process. Is it purely off of Jason being a dreamboat and it’s a silly movie? Or is it because they just put it out at the right time. You dont rush for those answers


My co-worker flat out told me they went to see the movie because his wife thought Jason was hot and he thinks Amber is hot. I never heard this dude going to comic book movie before.


Amber def looks hotter in this movie than in other things she has been in. Which are hmm, 2 bad flix and police reports?





He was arguably the weakest part if the movie.



Yeeeeeaaaaah, not gonna miss you either Will.


Will smith plays the same character in every goddamn movie. SS squad was no exception. They should have gone with an actual latino guy and basically anyone other than WS