Justice League/DC movie thread


2022, huh?

Star Wars: Episode X


Swap Will out with Deathstroke or some other character. Or simply say the previous Deadshot retired/died and have someone new take up the mantle


They should straight up recast. It’s not like Will Smith actually played Lawton.




God I love Doom Patrol. These nigga be trippin. The back & forth between Robotman & Cyborg is pure gold. Lol


Yeah, I’m surprised at home much I’m enjoying Doom Patrol. I got the DC Universe for Young Justice. But Titans was much better than I thought and Doom Patrol is riot.


These 3 shows alone are worth the subscription. I honestly wrote both shows off initially except for YJ. This shared universe they’re building is great so far, nice alternative from the Arrowverse


Wtf at the end of episode 3 of DP. I had to Google that shit to see if they were making this stuff up


Nah…he’s part of Doom Patrol lore.

Animal vegetable mineral man was in Batman Brave and the Bold along with Doom Patrol.

I’m patiently waiting for Danny the Street.


The mansion the Doom Patrol lives at is on Danny Street.

I thought the Nazi doctor in this episode was going to be the Brain.


Prolly saving the Brain for another season, he kinda deserves his own. Wonder if we’ll get the Brotherhood too at some point


The Brotherhood of Evil were mentioned as a supervillain group from the 30s so they already exist.


My Captain Marvel…


So they turned Sivana into Black Adam?




Ron Cephas Jones (This is Us) was supposed to be the wizard Shazam in the movie…but had to opt out due to scheduling conflicts.

Djimon Hounsou took the role instead.

The fact that the Wizard Shazam was going to be portrayed by a black actor regardless is cool.

Shazam: Did you see that?
Freddie: Yeah you electrocuted the bus and almost killed these people!!
Shazam: …and then I CAUGHIT IT!

I’m hyped for this movie.


didn’t really feel the first teaser trailer but boy I’m fuckin sold on Shazam! I might actually pay to watch this, fuck Captain No Ass (Marvel)


It is literally the first DC movie I am hype for.

And I never in a million years would have supposed it to be so.


It looks fun. Doesn’t look good. But definitely looks fun.


Dr. Savanna is just gonna have powers but black Adam will be a separate villain.