Justice League/DC movie thread


I think the Shazam! movie will definitely be a big success :slight_smile:


Shazam became the movie I never knew I wanted to see.


Hmm…it looks ok to me. Kinda feel like I’ve seen it before. I dunno.

Guess I would like a trailer that showed more of the villain and what the movie is really about instead of rapid fire jokes.


It’s Def not a movie made for me. It’s 1000% a kids movie and I’m OK with that.


It looks like Big with superheroes.



Shazam 1000% made for kids?! Yes, because last i checked Adults care nothing for fun and endearing characters, with quirky origin stories, or lighthearted adventures.

I’m guessing you hated the Ant-Man movies then (probably 45% of the MCU actually), and thought Bumblebee was hot trash.


That’s quite the fuckin leap lol.


Your lack of reading comprehension is fucking astonishing


He claimed the movie was 1000% meant for kids, and NOT adults. Not the exact wording but that’s exactly what he meant, and i was addressing that. Can’t believe i have to clarify this shit to you. Try to keep up.

And i disagree. The is a movie made for EVERYONE. To say it’s a “1000% kid’s movie” is just ignorance.


Did you go full dumbass?


I like he got specifically 45%, like he crunched the numbers on what mcu movies I must have hated VS liked. Prob got a ven diagram


Shazam looks really good. I’m definitely hyped for this movie. Now I have to go on my Facebook and let my peeps know about Shazam because I know they will have questions.


That’s actually what you did/are currently doing.

The whole “Its made for kids” horseshit actually kinda echos the sad shills who desperately defend the sorryass state of Star Wars lately. Talking about how it’s “space wizards with laserswords made for kids”, and “it’s not made for us”. As if that is an excuse for it being garbage and ruining everything that was memorable about the franchise.


I dunno who hurt you… But it wasn’t me. Calm your tits.


Kinda weird goin from Titans/DP back to watch Arrowverse shows. Shows are night and day


Doom Patrol shits on every DC show that isn’t Gotham and Black Lightning.


Lesson learned…


I fully support this…


Hell yeah. Elba is a phenomonal actor, hell make that role his own