Justice League/DC movie thread


I like Elba. But hes too damn old to play that character.


Will Smith is older than Idris Elba


Will Smith is 4 years older than Idris…shut the fuck up.


Idris Elba is also a better actor than Will Smith by a huge margin


Smith doesnt look his age.


That. I didn’t know how good he was til I watched Luther a few years ago. He blew me away


James Gunn and Idris for SS2?
Looks like I may actually give a damn about it now


Man I feel old as dirt. Just realized Will Smith is 50.


Exactly my point. No way that nigga look 50. Also I always saw deadshot as having a slender build as opposed to the idris elba built.

Hes a fantastic actor no doubt, just isnt the guy to play deadshot for me. Id rather they go with an unknown latino guy.


I guess It’s Trevante Rhodes as John Stewart then.


About that…


I remember about a year and half ago, when American Gods first premiered, social media was talking about this. He could work as John. Also, I came across this tweet. WHat are y’all thoughts?


Whittle can definitely play Simon Baz. Not sure about john stewart though.

Edit: A young Carl Weathers from the rocky er would have been spot on for me personally.

It needs someone with presence given stewart is a military dude. Someone you can look at at say, yeah that dudes been through hella shit. Hes not quite perfect… But I wouldnt mind michael jai white.


Is RockB even alive after reading that?

It’s true, 'doe.


I’d say that Elba is a better actor currently. Will Smith spent all of Suicide Squad lookin like he was about to cry. Dude was the worst part of the entire movie…an action movie. Dunno what’s up with Will right now but he isn’t very nice to watch on screen right now.

Elba’ s been great in everything he’s been in, even if the movie itself wasn’t that great.


Idris would be perfect as John Stewart. I also wouldnt mind the black dude who plays martian manhunter in supergirl though his american accent is horrible lol


Common or dude from American Gods would make fine Green Lanterns


Common in 10 years would be a stellar Stewart.


Why 10 years tho? Goin for an older John Stewart?