Justice League/DC movie thread


Common was supposed to John Stewart in George Miller’s Justice League movie.


Common is the same age as Idris Alba…I don’t get this post at all.

Edit: Meant to quote @Azure


Common would be a good Deadshot too tbh. His acting in Hell on Wheels impressed me, im sure he could do it


He doesn’t look it, 'doe.

He didn’t in Wick 2, at least.


Common is an older soul, always has been.


Just found who out tf this common dude is but too light skinned for me. I need my lantern “darkest night” colour, ya feelin me?


Idris Elba can do better in his career than starring in one of these craptacular Suicide Squad movies.


Idris Elba is gonna be in one of the Fast & Furious spinoffs.

Do you really think he has standards?


Even if you DO have standards, you need money and connections to make art. You make the crappy big budget movies to fund the art. Shit happens for every actor.


Most actors, especially those who are not blonde hair blue eyed whiteboys will have lesser opportunities (just like any other industry). They gotta take whatevers offered most of the time.


King shark…cool.


Going full gotg on the sequal.


and is gonna shit on the first one



Warner Bros. showed Shazam to critics and the response so far has been very positive…


Whoever writing Doom Patrol gotta be doin acid. No way they came up with this crazy shit sober. I love this show😂


Anyone who writes Doom Patrol needs to be tripping balls as a prerequisite. They are not a team for normies.


Did anyone here watch his directorial debut Yardie?


Turtles in Gotham…


If it’s based off the IDW cross over they did it’s going to be really good.

Edit: Voice cast for that movie is stacked


Batman vs Shredder is something I didn’t think I craved to see until today…