Justice League/DC movie thread


Ra’s and Shredder team-up seem OP to me.


Looks solid.


Whoa. My small ass, rinky dink ghetto ass theater is actually getting an early access for Shazam on the 23rd. Definitely going.


Damn, that Batman vs TMNT trailers was clean as fuck. Day Juan, son


Dude…was that the BTAS Batmobile?


Same. I really like the animation style. It’s weird not having Rob Paulsen voice one of the TMNT since he’s voiced one in literally every iteration of tmnt except I think Rise (which we don’t talk about) but the voice cast is solid.


Hearing raph say friggin 50x is too funny. I dunno but bat’s giving everyone hands.


Bat wank strong in this, and I’m sayin that as a Batman fanatic. I hope they put up more of a fight in the full release vs him. Seriously Lol


Honestly that is why I don’t enjoy Batman as much as I used to.



Still surprised my ghetto ass theater got an early access. The theater doesn’t even have assigned seating, imax or recliner chairs. It’s extremely barebones. They just got ticket kiosks like 6 months ago where I can redeem fandango tickets and not go to the ticket counter to buy tickets.


To anyone using comixology; as part of my early access ticket I was gifted some Shazam comics. I have comixology but no interest In the comics so whoever wants them can have them. Here’s the code:


Enjoy, nerds!


Meet Slade Wilson…


Haven’t seen alot of his work but I liked him in Ozark and SuperFly. I’m sure he’ll be a fine Slade


Day Juan’ing this!!

Shredder and Ra’s teaming up and letting Joker go ham is too damn good!!


Shazam Chinese trailer…it does have very minor spoilers.


So I follow an artist named Sean “Cheeks” Galloway. He’s probably most famous for being the art director and head animator for Spectacular Spider-Man and designing the sculpts for most (if not all) of the Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel figures.

But also has done a lot of art for DC comics. His take on Superman is probs one of my favorite things in comic book art. And I don’t even like Superman. But his take on him just oozes charm, style and wholesomeness

I actually have a statue of Superman that cheeks designed and it’s one of my favorite things.

I just wanted to gush cause he just posted up some amazing art on fb and it just reminded me of how much I really love his art style. (the picture I posted isn’t one of them. It’s just one of my favorite pieces by him)


I love those Kiosks. Quick and easy. Only time i ever talk to somebody is if i arrive a little late, and the listing goes away in the system. But every movie has a solid 20 minutes of trailers or more. So i can still ask to get the ticket to that showing and arrive perfectly in time.


I got some good ass seats for Shazam on the 23rd at this theater I frequently go to. It’s a Regal Theater with stadium seats that recline. My friend and I are in the last row directly in the middle of the aisle.


Is that where the biggest legroom area is?


In this particular Regal, yes.


That’s is how the theater looks. It’s located in Laurel, Maryland. I live about 30 minutes away, barring traffic. At this point, I only deal with this particular Regal.