Justice League/DC movie thread


Batman Soul of the Dragon is :fire: so far


Just saw it. Very nice. Lady shiva omg

It’s made clear in Soul of the Dragon that Batman isn’t on the level of the other 3 so he has to use his other strengths to hold up, as a Bat fanatic I’m OK with that. Everything is as it should be, would def like another movie in that world👌

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Nigga Wat?


I am all for it

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Ain’t nobody got time for that

Be better as a miniseries

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I’m tapping out of its really four hour s straight. The only movie I’d allow myself to watch that long is dune.


It’s a really long movie, but we’re acting like you can’t just pause and come back later. No one’s saying you have to watch the whole thing in one sitting.

I say that even as someone with no interest in it.

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I nearly fell asleep during The Irishman. In fact I didnt even finish the movie as it was so boring

A four hour movie Is the balliest move ever. Yes hardcore nerds will sit through it… But mainstream audiences? Oh hell no. This movie was the initial big selling point for HBO… They banked big on hoping this will sell the service. When we thought it was four episodes, that makes sense. You can sell that to a non nerd audience… But a four fucking hour long movie? Netflix has reported for a while the reason they started investing in half an hour comedy specials is because people tap out before the end of hour long specials. And we expect mainstream to survive four hours?


Just watch that shit an hour at a time. Would prefer a min series but not a big deal🤷🏾‍♂️

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1hr of batfleck dream sequencing

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Didn’t y’all sit thru three and a half hours of Endgame???

What’s and extra 30 minutes?



Gotta put your foot down at some point. Before these weirdos think we gonna sit through 6 hour nerd circle jerks with capes.

Also end game earned it’s 3 hour run time. 10 years to get there… Dc movies have not earned that shit by a long shot.


Endgame was good.

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They should release the Snyder Cut on Inauguration Day.

Watch heads explode as the coprophiliacs that have been clamoring for this drek short circuit over HASTAGstoppendasteal or staying home to consoom the unprocessed stream of cinematic diarrhea Snyder is about to unleash.


I called this playing catch-up “cinematic universe” doomed the moment they put Snyder and Nolan in charge of a damned Superman movie. As a lifelong Superman fan, I wanted to believe Snyder could overcome his own nonsense. I gave it the old college try when it released on bluray - and damn it. . . No. Just. NO.

Out of all of this mess, we got an unexpectedly fun Aquaman movie. . . and a completely unrelated Shazam flick. Let’s just use the star power of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam to make a hard break from Snyder-trash and move forward into an era of movies that honor the characters, and don’t apply slow-mo and grimdark where it’s not required.

Existence as a comic book fan truly is suffering. :stuck_out_tongue:

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