Justice League/DC movie thread

How will they do b’wana beast

Etrigan needs a movie


I’ve seen that kid from Cobra Kai…Xolo Maridueña’s name pop up so far as a top fan choice to play Jaime Reyes.

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Great choice if its a teenage BB like Jamie instesd of the old man

Dude…it’s 100 percent going to focus on Jamie Reyes.

Speaking of which when TF are we getting young justice season 4!?

Why is this 1000% better than anything Snyder can ever do?

Because they allow Superman to be relatable here


I’m mad that I missed the premiere…I’ll have to catch it later this week on demand or on the CW App.

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Kids on Superman & Lois mad disrespectful, need to take a few of em over my knee :joy:

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They white lol now with kryptonian powers. Lol black lightening wouldn’t let it fly


Edgy Superman outside of an Elseworlds story is being pissed off that your kittens or puppies aren’t hardcore enough. Superman is wholesome. Deal with it.

If you need edgy Superman, Mehvel has a piece of shit called Sentry you could go read about. Or Supreme Power. Or any number of other “What if Superman were an edgelord” fanfic comics.

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Well I for one love Snyder’s Superman. I also love Donner’s Superman. I also like Arrowverse Superman. See where I’m going here? It’s totally fine to enjoy different versions of Superman. If every version of Superman were the same it would be boring as fuck.


I’m not changing your mind.

You’re not changing my mind.

Good storytelling does not need to be boring. I’m also not such a desperate comic geek that I’ll unquestioningly consume every morsel of media thrown my way. Particularly when it’s from a team that has never delivered a product that I have loved. Not saying it’s impossible to change my mind, but it’s going to take work. This is a conversation I’ve had in comic shops, and my peers and I acknowledge our differences and continue other conversations.

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Snyder superman has stayed in line with the comics. Theirs alot people bitchin but they wanna pretend superman hasn’t killed before or the fact he has big ass fucking battles in the middle of the city and their isn’t collateral damage. Nothing Snyder has done superman wise is out of character.


Yeah but the fucker could at least cheer up a little. Jeeezzz…

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I really like Cavills Superman. He brings heart and gravitas to the role that has been missing in live Action for a while. I think Man of Steel is mostly a fine movie. It’s generally the stuff around his Superman that is an issue, not Supes himself imo.


Let’s see how The Suicide Squad does…


L.E.G.I.O.N??? That’s kinda like GotG

If this man does a Lobo movie my dick will explode

Amazon has a series called the Boys

Yet Snyder’s Superman is the most boring, uninteresting Superman in a very long time.

I got no issues with Superman killing or collateral damage, but when you trying to make your property edgy and it’s still dull, then something wrong.

I like Cavil in the role, just that the writing sucks.

I like the Superman in Superman and Lois as you don’t need to be dark and edgy.
You just have to have the material be well written. That exchange that happened in the video felt more real to me than any thing Snyder ever did.

“Hey cool costume”
“Thanks, my mom made it”

That was more engaging to me than Clark letting his dad die in a preventable death with in a tornado.
That just made the whole thing just down and dark with no plot reason or pay off for me.
It was disjarring in the story and made it later for me to relate to Super Man in Man of Steel.


I wonder if this means a bluray will come out this year since it’s the 25th anniversary?