Justice League Doom coming out by Feb. 28th

Niiiiiiiiice IMO, and the artstyle is remenicent of Crisis of Two Worlds so it could be of the same continuity.
[spoiler=]Star Sapphire must give GL DAT LIP BITE[/SPOILER]

I don’t like Vandal Savage looking like a colonial.

Badass. Can’t wait to see more of this.

If I remember correctly the story is based on Justice League: Nail. That and it’s sequel are an Elseworld’s title.

Could be made into a continuation I guess, If they opted to but I figure like most DC animated films (barring Superman/Batman) it’ll be stand alone.

When does it drop?

dc animation punishes marvel…

Iit is actually based on the the Justice League story Tower of Babel adapted by the late Dwayne McDuffie.

cant wait to see it :rock:

I have read Tower of Babel and while it’s been a long time since I’ve read it, the movie’s plot seems rather different than how the book had it.
Will reread to check though.

Cool, I was working off an early source whent it was in the rumor stage. Interested in reading this, didn’t know he wrote a JL story.

Thought Tower of Babel was Ras getting all the JL members weaknesses and fucking em up?

Maybe Ras is in it? I’m confused, going to google-fu this when I get home.

Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy. This will rock no matter what.

looks rather meh

And Cheetah (although it’s the boring comics version rather than JL animated version)…this will most definitely pwn. Bane knows Batman’s identity?? And how long does a nigga have to wait for DC to do a Catwoman full-length feature?..When In Rome (even though the comic art was atrocious) comes to mind.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell she did have that one animated short that came with Batman/C. Gordon Year One.
Then again I treat the Jonah Hex short as a movie so…

why is Luthor fat?

In his VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY early comic book appearances during the 40s he was overweight. He would have a normal build and be bald from around the 60s or 70s IIRC.

Just bumping to remind you of the release date of the film
[spoiler=]Also Luthor is not in it as I thought from that trailer XP[/SPOILER]

>Tim Sale

whaaaa? i liked tim sale’s work on Long Halloween and When in Rome.

Although his vision of what Catwoman looked like was godawful.