Justice League Movie discussion... (Title change? Boooo)

And this is her.

Not too bad. Has the look, and is pretty hot.

Sano, let me know if the link needs to be taken down. There’s a link in the link that is nsfw…

EDIT: The other thread got deleted because it was old, so hopefully this one sticks around…

  • The movie may not be called Justice League. The latest rumor is that the title will be the very bland name of “American Heroes”

wut race is she? i’m trying to tell if she’s part black or not. w/e she’s fine.

From Wiki:

“Gale is of half-British, half-Polynesian heritage.”

Amazing what you can do with Google.

lol yup. wonder what style of fighting the movie will use…wrestling/grappling influence or more bionic woman…smash and kick.

Bah! Megan Gale, I’m sick of seeing that bitch everywhere!

her race? why, pigmy of course.

at least it’s not kristen kreuk.

Yeah I think that’s warning enough…


Here are some safe pics from SRK if thoe others get taken down.

Not bad looks wise. Lets hope there some acting talent under the hood…

Batman has also been cast. 21 year old guy named Armand Hammer. I am not even shitting you.

She look guud… if the movie needed to sacrifice acting skills for the perfect Wonder Women looks Ewa Sonnet got that down to a tEE.

Armand Hammer… goddamn he had some dumb parents.


Wonder Woman movie for 08 is looking good.

uh thought this thread was about wonder woman in jl movie.

The movie may not be called Justice League. The latest rumor is that the title will be the very bland name of “American Heroes”. I’m hoping that it was just a working title and that it won’t be called this.

So are you saying boo to the title of the movie changing or are you booing yourself for changing the name of this thread? :rofl:

Seriously though American Heroes sounds kinda lame though if the rumor is true…

Can it be both? :confused:

I really, really hope that’s just the working title.

Yeah I guess lol! :smile:

I applaud this potential name change. Calling it “Justice League” might give you an unrealistically high expectation as to the quality of the film.

A real American hero… GIJOE! oops