Justice League New Frontier on Blu-Ray and DVD out now! GO! GO! GO!

Out tomorrow, but in my hands today. Just got my copy and I will be giving it a watch later tonight. Dunno where the old thread went, but might as well start a new one.

Tell me if it’s any good Awesome McCool.

Just finished watching it. Might as well get this off my chest: It should have definitely been longer. We all know that the true meat of the story was the Challengers of the Unknown and the Losers and the rest of the characterization that built up to the final issue.

The scenes with the Flash animated so fucking well. I honestly think he was the star of the movie. I mean, it pieces together well and all, but there were just so many good chunks of story missing. I mean, I don’t even know if I can write any more without spoiling the movie. The voice work is actually pretty good. To me, this is what the JLA would have sounded like if they made a cartoon in the 60s.

And as per usual, it looks glorious in 1080p.

Wasn’t too fond of Superman Doomsday but i heard good things about Frontier though. I may buy this one.

I enjoyed this story a lot more then Superman Doomsday.

Voices for the most part fit well. Also it was good to see that this story didn’t really end up being Superman-centric.

I still need to see Doomsday, myself.

Getting mine’s tomorrow. Blu-Ray baby! :lovin:

Gah! I don’t get paid until Thursday. And even then, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it! :mad:

Picking it up tomorrow.

My Blu-ray copy is in the mail right now. It’ll probably get here either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Looking forward to this.

How long is this movie again?

Just wondering, how much are you guys paying for the blu-ray version? I’m thinking of ordering from Amazon for 20.95. Its like $30 everywhere else, right?

I paid $20.95 off Amazon and for free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

I got the Blu-Ray for 20 bucks at the J&R closest to me. :smile:

Gonna watch it when I get home… 5:30 can’t come fast enough… :sweat:

Thread title changed because it’s out! :smile:

Yeah, I paid 30 for mines because I don’t have a J&R near me. The quality is just too good on the BD version. They need to release the JL sets on Blu already.

The extras are really nice. I’m probably gonna watch the commentary on the movie tonight. I wish it was widescreen rather than 16x9. =/

Buying this today, only going to get the chance to watch it tomorrow. =(

I’m going to see if PopCultureShock needs a review of this. They let me do Superman Doomsday, so I’m hoping I get to cover this one.

Hearing that it should have been longer makes me a touch wary, though, I must admit.

Just watched it. Here is my review.

There aren’t really any spoilers in this review, but I’m putting it in tags anyway as a courtesy to people who might want to watch the film totally fresh.

[details=Spoiler]Justice League: The New Frontier

I was very, very pleased with this piece. This film takes place primarily in the 1950s, and reimagines the origin of the Justice League of America by integrating the original comic books with the real life events of world politics and the comics industry at the time. Batman’s costume evolves from its original incarnation to its tamer Silver Age version because he “intends to scare criminals, not children.” Superman goes from Depression-era activist to government loyalist due to McCarthyist pressure against superheroes. Hal Jordan learns that true fearlessness sometimes means disobeying orders during his tour of duty in Korea. And Barry Allen and J’onn J’onzz each experience Cold War-era mistrust in their own ways. They, as well as the rest of humanity, are brought together by a common threat that symbolizes the fear and uncertainty of the era.

The animation in this film is especially pleasing. The designs are closely based on Darwyn Cooke’s original series and emulate the artwork of the period. The voice work ranges from good (Kyle McLachlan as Superman, Neil Patrick Harris as the Flash) to exceptional (David Boreanaz as the Green Lantern) to butt-clenchingly intense (Jeremy Sisto’s butt-clenchingly intense Batman). On a personal note, though I was slightly disappointed that Superman didn’t have a more prominent role, it was beyond thrilling that Hal Jordan and Barry Allen are finally getting some serious face time in an animated DC project. They’re two marvelous characters who are unfairly overlooked in this day and age, and the treatment they get in this film is as fleshed out and multifaceted as Batman and Superman in their respective television series.

If this picture has any flaws, it’s that it’s too short. There are a few ideas here and there that are introduced and dropped just as quickly, and the resolution feels a little rushed. Aquaman shows up just long enough to get his name into the credits. If this film were allotted maybe 10 or 15 more minutes of running time, perhaps these issues could have been rectified. Nevertheless, they are minor.

Bruce Timm can put another notch on his gun. While the best work of his team is arguably still Batman (and the feature film, Mask of the Phantasm), the projects bearing his name are almost invariably satisfying, if not downright stellar. Though I am unapologetically critical of modern superhero storytelling, I feel comfortable in recommending this film. It manages to be both a radical and reverent treatment of the characters and time period.[/details]

Funny story that I was too lazy to type out before -

They had the Blu-Ray marked as being 25.99, saying it was a sale, giving you 4 bucks off the price. When I went to ring it up, with tax it came out to 28.17.

The lady at the counter said something was wrong, saying it should be cheaper than that with tax, it can’t be sale if it costs more than the product is worth. Which, was kind of wrong since 28 is still lower than 29 plus tax, but oh well…

She took it to the manager who said it was too high, and they decided to give it to me for 19.99, so with tax it came out to 21.66.

Did they screw up and confuse the Blu-Ray with the regular version or was the sale just 10 bucks off and not 5? Or was it just because they rang it up as the regular version and not the Blu-Ray version? The hell should I know, I just paid the money and got the hell out of the store. :rofl:

Good shit. I didn’t get so lucky. Paying full price on a brand new two-disc DVD set sucks.

Just finished watching it and I thought it was pretty dope. I have to agree that it felt short. More time should of been spent towards developing the plot and character development I feel. It looks great and the voice acting was very spot on. The animation was really good too. I give it a 9 out of 10. Go see it! :lovin:

Favorite parts -


[details=Spoiler]Martian Manhunter imitating Bugs Bunny! Man if he would of imitated Daffy Duck I would of gave this movie a 10 out of 10 easy. :rofl:

Batman researching Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. See, I told you Batman was down! Homeboy was doing his research just in time for Black History Month. :rofl:[/details]

The DVD extras were excellent! A 40 minute special on the JLA in comics and another 30 minutes the Legion of Doom! Hey how come the heroes get more time lol! Oh snap how they got Stan Lee up in the JLA special talking about Fantastic Four? :rofl: The Batm-anime preview is up there, a 10 minute feature on how they turned New Frontier into a cartoon and 3 DCAU Justice League episodes! Two commentaries that I haven’t sat through yet. Anyway, the DVD extras get a 10/10. If you’re not getting the Blu-Ray or the HD-DVD coming later in March, the 2 disc set is a must. :tup: