Justice League, season 1 coming to Blu-ray


Just thought I’d like to share.

Time To Buy.

EDIT: Will only buy if it has lossless, WB get your act together kthxbye.

Nice! Awesome find… I held off on buying the DVDs… I guess there was a reason.

Ah, the crummiest thing ever put out by Timm and Co… which is still pretty damn good, actually.

Is BTAS out on Blu-Ray yet? If not, they are wasting time.

No, it is not. And even if they tried, it won’t look good. JL is digitally anime, so the transfer is pretty easy. I watched JLU season 1 and it upscales pretty damn well. Full screen too, mind you.

So uh what benefits do BluRay have over DVD?
Cuz only difference I can think of is you spending less time getting up to change the discs after watching them (i.e. 1 or 2 for BluRay as opposed to 4 for DVD)

Its no point rebuying it if i already own the DVD’s. If they’re coming out with this cartoon on DVD i wouldn’t be surprised if Funimation follows suit and puts out the DBZ seasons in Blu-ray.

Picture quality. You can see Superman’s wrinkles and all the badly-CGI’d spaceships in several times the previous resolution.

There’s no point in them doing that since the show was animated for 480i, unless they just wanted to put more episodes on less discs.

you know what i think that it will happen.


Gentleman it is a bit pricey at 70 bux


That’s pretty cheap compared to the Sopranos Blu-Ray set($120). I’m still gonna buy it.