Although I should post in the flameboard or chit chat or some other “kn3wb got OWNED” friendly board but this board has the poetic justice benefit of ti all.

For the word “Just” in my name stands not only for “that is all I can do” but “IT IS ONLY RIGHT THAT THIS KN3WB GET OWNED!”

For the opinions of the masses regardless of how powerful an individual mean NOTHING!

For JUSTOWNIN shall be victorious over ALL!

I was ridiculously angry. My thoughts were no longer filled with sentience! All i could think of was OWNAGE and kn3wbz! My only dialouge internal and outernal was speaking of the OWNAGE of this one man! No other thought could occupy my brain! I almost crassed driving to school today of anger at this kn3wbz insolence! PERFECT LEGEND HAD TO BE OWNED! The masses didn’t understand! Kn3wbz were walking around oblivious to reality! A comet was coming to hit the fu cking earth and kn3wbz thought it was special effects! THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND! Perfect legend MUST be OWNED. And OWNED he was.

I won the first game. Notice he won the first two rounds but then the volcano which was my anger errupted and i beat him the next round with like eight power punchers.

Then he won the second game.

Then I won the third (not in video).

I went offline. They called me and told me that game didn’t count becuase dangerzones was on. I thanked the lord for giving me another chance to own PERFECT LEGEND and came online and beat him even worse (the third match you all saw).

I went offline. Justice served. THEY CALLED ME AGAIN! Told me it was 2 out of 3 and but 3 out of 5. I said that “NOTHING WAS GONNA SAVE YOU FROM GETTING OWNED!” and came online and beat him again.

“For the seeds of victory have been mine since the beginning. The seed planted in the garden of OWNAGE taking root within the very center of the earth. Its vine’s extending across the universe constricting all in it’s mighty grip of OWNAGE!” - BOOK OF OWNAGE - OWNed Chapter, OWNed Verse

P.S. I also beat the sh it out of grunt dude while I was at it.

Things Kn3wbz Need To Know About JustOwnin
1.) JustOwnin is OWNAGE INCARNATE which is a force that manifests itself through out the entirty of hte universe much like death.
2.) JustOwnin cannot be stopped . . . not even by GALACTUS!
3.) JustOwnin cannot be OWNED, only synergize with the power before him.
4.) Trying to OWN JustOwnin is like trying to choke what doesn’t breathe.
a.) For JustOwnin’s Turtling is like a pokemon.
b.) How so you ask?
c.) Let’s say that each stage of one’s turtling is like the evolution of a pokemon.
d.)The de-evolution of turtling, “backing up” is “Pichu” let’s say.


Cute ain’t he? But he hurts himself more than he hurts his opponent in the end because it’s usually out of fear or indecision.
e.)And let’s say that “turtling”, the level PL is at, is like pikachu’s most evolved form “RAICHU”.


For it takes more than just one evolution for turlting to come from conscious thought and choice instead of fear, indecision, and weakness.
f.) What’s beyond turtling you ask? What’s more evovled than a fu cking raichu you ask?
g.) My level, the level ABOVE even turlting is htat of “STRATEGIC POSITIONING” WHICH IS LIKE MUH FU CKIN RAIDEN THE THUNDER GOD!!1


Such a level cannot be achieved by the likes of mortals, but only that of OWNAGE INCARNATE! For a Raichu may indeed be powerful, but in the end he is merely a rat.

well thats cool i guess

Who the fuck are you? What the fuck are you talking about? And why the fuck are you here, again?

Unfortunately for you the rest of SRK still respects Perfect Legend more, especially since he doesn’t treat the rest of the community like they’re stuck in some four year old’s fucking role play in a subforum on an Dragonball website.

God damn, seriously what possess you to act like a moron online?

i for one cant stand that “owned, noob nub n00b” fucking shit

its fucking annoying and permits dumbasses like this guy to exist

and they say it for every fucking thing
"oh look i said no onions and they still put onions in my burger"
owned! lololol
"oh shit my shoelace is untied"

goddamn it

Hay free neg

Dear god you fucking dumbass.


God damnit DS! You missed that aborted fetus right there!

But seriously, who are you?
And is this Mortal Kombat? Take your guro shit back to your basement.

For those who actually care this is about DOA and a World Cyber Games dispute.

He actually copy and pasted this shit from DOAC just for ya’ll.

Damn SRK has NO MERCY. o0 Went from one bar to four with the quickness.

You should’ve been a facial imo :frowning:

damn JO…doesnt look like u have alot of friends on srk :sweat:

Lol this guy was in Alphaism radio last year. This guy is funny, I for one welcome the ownage that has arrived in SRK.

… lmao

I remember distinctly watching JustOwnin get owned at like every fighting game he played during EVO finals. Including getting owned on stage by Perfect Legend, hell the controller disconnected while PL was owning him and they had to play the match over again… and suprise PL still owned him with Gen Fu his secondary character.

WCG, CGI, and every other organization that runs DoA is trash, sorry to say. Online qualifiers to a tournament that can lead to possibly $5,000-$10,000 is the definition of retarded. Personality screening of qualifier champions and “special” female only qualifiers is also retarded.

…This guy needs a creative writing class to vent his gayness.

…Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Some of my best friends are…writers.

The number of times that the word “OWNED”, or any variation of that word was used way beyond the point of no return. But good you kicked some ass.

What would Jesus do?

The awesomeness that is justownin:


Goddamit I can’t neg anymore…=/

I stopped reading right there.