Justin Bieber tells a joke


White people. Discuss.




Did this soft serve ass, motherfucking minne mouse looking nigga just make a fucking Justin Bieber thread?


Was this joke him promoting his next album?


I just wanted to start a little dialogue based around a successful white pop star who has in recent years climbed to stardom and success through affiliation with popular minorities in hip hop and pop music, making nigger jokes.

Theres still a lot of things I dont understand about the dynamic of white/black friendship.

Forgive me in advance for having any kind of faith in SRKs ability to discuss anything remotely mature.


…its gonna end more like run beiber beiber beiber run run

The punchline will be two black eyes and two fatlips


More like the punchline will b e no less then 15 people long. :rofl:



In this thread… Shit! And the people who love to talk about it!


TL: DR well, just DR


Found a good video, nice drums



Negrepped. Go die in a fire.


This Thread is now about Sunday dinner.

I had Mesquite chicken today served with some dumpling dipping sauce because I have odd tastes.

Macaroni and cheese was a good aside, and for desert I had A nice pineapple passion fruit sorbet, decorated with with Crumbled Turkey bacon, crusted with sugar and a maple syrup. glaze


Had this buffalo chicken pizza from a local pizzeria. Was pretty good. Not too heavy on any ingredient. I like buffalo wings so I approve.


bout to destroy this pbj sammich



This is ironically intriguing.

How a bunch of white members on SRK sweep under the rug this apparent latent racism that seems to seep out when certain celebrities make it big. Lets ignore the topic and talk about what I ate for dinner. nigger nigger nigger lol

All jokes aside really, when black people arent around what are the conversations on blacks about? Did you guys parents give you refresher courses on the words nigg-a and nigg-er growing up? How does that affect your relationships with minorities?

I want to know. I’ve always wanted to know.


I think this goes in the social studies justice for teenage girls thread over there.


This isnt really social justice for teenage girls, but I can sorta connect the dots on that joke -_-


When I was in the fourth grade, some dipshit told me that the word nigg-er meant someone who stole from people. He didn’t mention anything to do with race or black people.

I had no idea what the word meant at the time(i’m asian…) but I wasn’t dumb enough to fall for some stupid trick.


Almost never talked about race, and I think thats how it is in a lot of white families, for better or worse


Ive heard black people, including black comedians tell worse jokes about black people then that. Saw this on tmz, nothing special. I kinda smirked at the joke though.

For those who dont give a fuck about that clip, the joke was

Justin b: "Why are black people so afraid of chainsaws"
Justin b:“Because when you start them up they go, runn nigga nigga”

lol. Its funny because one of his friends was like no, dont even finish that joke, and then after he finished it some girl was like, you could do that for motorcycles too. lool

Again, it wasnt that bad. I mean how can i be angry at beiber over this little racially insensitive joke, considering the shit ive heard about black people from other black people, or the shit that has come out of black comedians mouths about black people. It was a harmless joke im sure he saw on 4chan.

Its funny, because everyone wanted beiber to say nigga so bad when we thought that was him on that song a while ago, but turned out to be some black dude, and someone renamed the video and put it on the internet. Dude sounded exactly like beiber too. Now he actually said it, and there is video evidence of it. lol

Ive almost given up completely on the plight of the word nigga. Its a lost cause, and muddled with hypocrisies and double standards. Even i know there is no excuse for my using of the word, but it comes out every now and then. I dont care until someone gets too comfortable to me, or around me in person with it. Its so deeply embed in all cultures now, its like, oh fuck it. I know for the most part most of those people loose with the word around friends, that shouldnt be, arent gonna walk by me feeling comfortable enough to drop that shit like its cool. Not to mention, what am i gonna do, fight everyone who i think shouldnt be saying nigga, even if their is no racial hatred behind their context of using the word.