Justin to play 50 Cent in Street Fighter 4 at Play N Trade. Who do you think 50 uses?


so 50 cent’s going to do some promo thing at a play n trade in new york, this thursday (april 30, 2009). he apparently wanted to play justin wong in sf4. we have a little pool here for a few things, but the biggest one is who he would use.

discuss :slight_smile:



that is all


50 uses a glock 9 after wong makes him his bitch.


Flowchart Ken. Bet it.


I’m saying boxer. I don’t know why tho.


Wow just wow.


You just dont wanna say it. He’s tryin to get dat fight money


I thought all black people used Akuma? x_x </racist>


:confused: :wonder: :rofl:


Now thats something from outta left field


Boxer for sure. He’s going to be mashing close and far roundhouses, cuz that’s probably how he fights IRL.


i say gief or ryu


I’d say Sagat or Bison.




Money on Gief. Black people love grapplers.


Is this… confirmed. Can we get a confirmation so I don’t show up play n trade on thursday with nobody there but phire.


Chun li for the boo-tay!


black people love dhalsim, he’s the first playable black person in SF. he’s the jackie robinson of fighting games.


dhalsim’s black?