Justin.tv for HDR


I think it would be a good idea for a justin.tv live channel for hdr such as the one they have for SSFIV, but i dont have the time idea or equipemnt to set it up any volunteers


I don’t think the HDR lobby has a skip function like sf4, every time the host comes online you would have to play that match out.

I thought about maybe using a turbo controller to pick characters and mash ready, but I haven’t tried it.



It’s not that simple.


That’s not too much of a problem on the other streams, I wonder if MS could ban their account if it does happen.

If we can’t ban those types of players, maybe we would have to scale it back to a friends only room… do you need to constantly invite people manually? or can they just see the room and join if they are on your FL?


Being on the friendlist is all that is needed to get in without an invite.
But it doesn’t require you to have accepted so anyone that wants could still join


Are you saying that if someone adds me to their friends list they can join the room without me accepting the request? Is there a reason for that or is it just some sort of glitch.


Might be an optional setting but at least that is how it works for SRKLive currently on 360.