Justin Wong and gootecks to be interviewed live on eSports show tonight

Sounds interesting, I’ll definitely be tuning in!

Hey - big up’s to white shadow for posting for me (I cannot post because I don’t have 50 posts yet :D)

In addition to what’s listed here, people can call-in or skype-in questions for both of these guys while the show is live.

i’ll be listening man good shit!

Can someone help define when “tonight” is? Not familiar with EST/CET.

Just an approximation of how many hours left to go will do.

If it’s a doable time for me, I’d like to tune in too.

Hum, it begins in 10 hours from now. you don’t know EST or CET? Where do you live? =p

EST in the States is UTC -5, so like 13 hours behind you (if I’m reading this right and Malaysia is +8)?

Malaysia is +8 GMT (which I guess is UTC).

Thanks for the help guys. No go for me, as in 10 hours I’ll be leaving for morning class. :sad:

Damn, this sounds like it’s going to be good. Can’t wait. Though on Guam, it’ll be showing at 9 in the morning, which is like an hour before I usually wake up.

Who’s Iyo Dahlsim? Sounds cool though I’m going to watch. Thanks for letting us know.


Don’t look at the front page much? :stuck_out_tongue: Iyo is the Dhalsim player who won the Japanese national SF4 tourney.

Anyways, this sounds cool. I’ll definitely be tuning in at work. :smiley:

I know man I was joking. I saw the exhibition fights he had against Justin Rufus and Daigo Ryu :slight_smile:

Haha, I couldn’t find Iyo’s real last name, so I just put Iyo Dhalsim

Too bad both of the interviewers are jokes. djwheat doesnt know shit about anything. He couldn’t tell you how to properly shoot in CSS with an AK. Expect the “I’ve been playing online and it seem sthe Shoryuken is the strongest attack in the game” comment.

I listen to wheats show every week. Slasher, you Scoots and Wheat are doing an awsome job and I can tell that Wheat is really excited for this show (hes been talking about it for quite some time now).

I hope some of the folks here in SRK can call-in and ask some good questions and share some interesting opinions.

For those that dont know SirScoots, Slasher and DJWheat are people that have been involved in different aspects of eSports for years and if anyone is thinks that SFIV should be in eSport competitions outside of fighting game tournaments only should definetly tune in and support them since they are some of the few people that could persuade the right people.

I will be working during tonights show so I wont be able to watch it live. One of these days I will call in with some questions (one of these days :p).

Slasher since I dont know what questions you are going to ask Justin and Gootecks I would really like to know what they think about the GameBattles Ladder (in wich Justin is playing and dominating) and the upcoming CEVO Season that will include SFIV as well since I havent seen anyone mentioning it. Basically try to get their opinion on online tournaments, since IMO its one of the most interesting aspects SFIV has added to fighting games. Im aware of GGPO but by the time GGPO cam along SF was out of the spotlight.

I have been a huge fighting game fan all my life but only a couple of years ago I found out about the competitive side of these games (I thought SSFIIT had been dead for a looong time) but Ive followed eSports closely for as long as I can remember, althou Im not an expert in either of these things I feel like the fighting game community has been left out of eSports in general and because of it they have grown by themselfs and the general feeling I get from the competitive fighting game players is that they do it because they love it and their respective game (or genre) going mainstream is not something that concerns them (up until now with SFIV) wich is something that is very unique of these community since in other games everyone wants their game to be the next big thing, and everyone wants to be he next Fatal1ty.

Im not saying nobody has never wanted for SF to make it big but most people just acknowledge that these are games we are playing and compete because it adds to their enjoyment not because they dream of being the best and getting sponsored and what not.

I probably will get flamed because Im talking about a community of wich my perception comes from what I see posted on forums and footage of the events, but its just my opinion and from the couple of years I have been lurking around forums and watching SBO, EVO and any other improtant footage I can get my hands on.

I dream of attending a WCG or ESCW (if they comeback) where I can watch Lost-Cauze, Mike Ross and Sunde playing under the same roof.

Great to see you in the Street Fighter realm Slasher! Would be nice to see you guys shoutcast SF4.

call in and ask about YJDK!

LOL, you don’t know anything about me. While I’m trying to help pro-gaming and specifically fighters, you just sit on a forum and troll.

Well done brother. Way to support your craft.

also - if we’re going to be picky - we’re in EDT (eastern daylight time) not EST (eastern standard time). for those counting off GMT it would be different.

just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that Wheat is not a pro CS player neither a tournament SF player but hes trying to learn with SF, like millions of others, and honestly atleast hes trying. Plus who said hes has to be an expert to do good interviews :S Hes not realeasing a guide or tutorial hes just gets opinions from people that DO know what they are talking about.

Im pretty sure Gootecks and Wong will clear up some of his (and many other peoples) doubts and shed light on what really is behind a character being good and why some characters that scrubs cant do crap with are godlike in the hands of good players and how characters go thru the balancing process, probably explaining why giving a character a hodoken would not solve their problem, and maybe try to go a little into frame data wich when I frist started to look for advice on improving and watching vids was the hardest concept to grasp.

When you do a show that is not focsed on one specifc game its not realistic to expect the host to be an expert in all those areas, thank god he has guests that are.

BTW neither CS nor SF or WC3 is Wheats area of expertice but he can whoop some serious ass in Quake.

He trolls, and you respond to it.

Don’t you know to just walk over the bridge, instead of feeding what’s underneath it?