Justin Wong and gootecks to be interviewed live on eSports show tonight

Wheat (519),

Great to see you here! Been listening to you since the Quake 3 days. Hope to see you shoutcast Street Fighter 4.

While some may complain (you will get that a lot here in this elitist forum), most of us appreciate your work. The fighting genre needs all the exposure it can get. Keep it up!

It is the internet isn’t it? :smiley: I just don’t want an introduction to be done by some lip flapping jackass - when my true intentions are to help the fighting game community with exposure.

Heh sweet, Slasher and djWHEAT of Quake fame! I haven’t tuned in to either of you guys in quite a while…

Sounds cool, I’ve always liked listening to fighting game anthropologists.

Man all this talk of Quake, q2 was the first game I actually played some dudes that were srs bidness. I remember playing Thresh, I think it was, and he got me in negative kills on the lava stage…sigh. Maybe I should try out qlive now that I know how to play shit. EIther way this shit sounds cool.

So where exactly is this going to happen. Can someone at least post the correct links? :wtf:

Oh wow, didn’t even notice that.

Tune in at http://www.djwheat.tv/live at 7 PM EST/1 AM CET (about 5 hours from now). That’s where the show will be streamed at.

Wow you played Quake 1? Those were the days!

Thresh vs. Entropy in Castle Of The Damned was a classic match (Can’t remember exactly but I think this was for John Carmack’s Ferrari)

Clan 9 vs Deathrow = Epic

Nice to see some Quake players in here :rock:

Dude, I’ve heard you shoutcast warcraft 3. You are by far the most uneducated gamer on the planet. There isn’t exactly too much to know for basic shout casting. All you need to know is hero abilities, units, income, and basic strategy. I was watching Moon vs FoV I believe and you kept saying FoV had an advantage when Moon had a lvl 5 DH and a lvl 5 Panda against ghoul garg on GW. There was NO WAY IN HELL Moon was going to lose that game.

How about you give me the opportunity to do your job and I will glady blow everyone you know out of the water. I’m offering my skills as a person to one up an entire organization.

Whats even more of a tragedy is you were claiming Grubby was one of the best players in WC3 and he hadn’t won a tournament worth a damn in a year. Get knowledge of the game dude. I don’t talk Quake because I don’t know shit about it. Same should apply to everyone. And yes opinions upon games are worth more than others. Can you even name 5 characters from 3rd strike without looking? History plays a part. You sir have no business with Street Fighter. Hire someone who does.

Okay, you want to help but with no fundamental knowledge of a game you just ruin the credibility. You can’t really expect to look good when you can’t even comprehend what the hell is going on. Why do you think the NFL is so popular with broadcasters? Because they are casuals who don’t know what they are talking about? No, they have some basic form of knowledge. I’m not trying to be an elitist but in e-sports you should have people who know the ins and outs of the game.

I want e-sports to succeed. I don’t want it to be a flash in the pan with casuals. I want an emersed community, and quite frankly MLG and sticking to America isn’t how its going to go down. America is not the mecca of e-sports so stop trying to make it that way.

Really excited to be on the show tonight! I’m chillin here at the Empire Arcadia house with Justin, Sanford, Triforce and PerfectLegend.

Please lay off djWHEAT, what he does or doesn’t know is 100% irrelevant at this point because what he’s trying to do is HELP STREET FIGHTER 4 SUCCEED. He and Slasher are super important to the FPS/PC scene and they’re trying to help us. They have pull with MLG and these other gaming organizations and with their help, we can make a better SF4 for everybody. So if you’re not interested in that, stop reading the thread and let it go.

If he pimps all e-sports it’s unfair for him to know the intracacies that are picked up with months of experience with every game, so chill. Just look at journalists, think they know shit about what they’re reporting on?


Hey djWHEAT, don’t let these guys get to you. What you’re doing is great for SF4 and it’s community as a whole. You and Niceguyed shoutcasted my Quake 4 matches at Digital life (I’m Onslaught btw) a few years back and it’s cool to see that you’re still doing your thing. Keep up the excellent work man.

I never deny it, WC3 is by far my weakest game. Kudos for remembering me saying something wrong… it’s why I don’t PERSONALLY do WC3 and only ever did it when I was “told” to.

As for “how about you give me the opportunity”. Well that’s the difference between you and me now isn’t it. For the record, I’m not employed by any eSports organization right now. I do this cause I love gaming, pro-gaming, and want to see it succeed. So if you really think you got the chops… why don’t you just go out and do it? That’s how 95% of the people in this industry have succeeded. That’s why thinks like Gooteck’s Bar Fights are so great for what’s happening in the status quo… because he’s taking the initiative and doing something about it rather than sitting around and QQ’ing about how “well I could do it better but I need the opportunity”.

Make the opportunity brother. If you’re that amazing… it will happen for you.

Grubby will always be one of the best players in WC3, even if he couldn’t win versus the current talent out there. Just like Zero4 would probably get his ass handed to him in a Quake duel right now, but he’s still one of the best Q3 players ever.

And for the record, yes I can name 5 3rd strike characters, I do have an avid passion for fighting games, and have since the early days of SF2 and MK in the arcades. Why don’t you keep making assumptions about me, and I’ll keep helping out the communities I want to see flourish.

And why else do you think we asked Justin and Ryan to come on the show? Cause there’s no one better to talk about SF4 in the US right now. Give me a break. And cease being bitter.

And for the record. Since I’m not a prick. If you are actually interested in broadcasting or the likes… I can point you in the right direction. But I’ll just let you know ahead of time, it’s alot of work, with very little reward (unless you enjoy posts like yours sizing your entire career into worthless dribble). If you’re not into sacrifice, hard work, and dedication… then you should just give up while you are ahead. And if you’re as good as you claim to be, I’m sure you have a demo… let’s hear it.

Back to the thread:

I happy that we’re going to have these two on the show tonight. I’m especially excited for the LO3 audience to get to experience a tier of discussion and experience that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s an honor to have these guys representing the fighting game community on the show.

If anyone has any specific questions for either of these guys, please feel free to post them here and try to get them asked on the show.

I don’t think you understand my point. Its not the radio show I have a problem with. Its acting like you know something when you’re on the spot. Just like the statement I bolded, you acted like you knew something when you don’t. What happened when 4K went to Korea? They all got crushed. Then afterwards what happened every time he went to Korea for an event? Again, crushed. He had like 3 wins in the last year and one of them he was seeded in front of Sky after Sky beat him with a better strength of schedule. You’re a self promoter. You act like you want what is best for e-sports but it all comes down to what does djwheat get out of it. Now is greed wrong? No, but you can’t try and feed me bullshit how you care about the game. Now use the rebuttle of without e-sports you’d get nothing. Well its here so thats not something you can really change. Keep self promoting, Don King of E-Sports.

I’m going to listen to Gootecks and take my leave. Good day.

I’m going against my own advice earlier in this thread but good lord you really are an idiot, aren’t you? He doesn’t care about ‘the game’ and is all about…ahem…self-promotion.

Yes, I’m sure the fellow is all about success and self-promotion in the super uber multi-billion dollar e-sports promoter/commentator gig.

Hint: Something in that italic portion is a lie.

This is like saying someone who works on promoting model train building doesn’t give a shit about trains, he’s in it for the publicity.

looking forward to hearing this.

wondering, wheat you still play warhammer online?

Learn what has happened to many teams, sponsors, and events in e-sports. Nobody gives a flying fuck. They just want to make themselves known. There are very few good people in e-sports.

I can’t wait for tonight’s show, fyi it starting 4 00 pm pst for all us west coast people.

The show lets you call in, so why don’t u (Songo) call in and ask some questions yourself instead of bashing the way others give interviews.(Witch Wheat and the crew do a great job with btw)

And Dj Wheat, how dare you give us 3 gaming podcast shows a week and not get paid for them, You greedy bastard!:rolleyes: