Justin Wong and Marn on Live On Three, for those who missed it

For those who missed it, Justin Wong and Marn were on Live On Three with myself and djWHEAT this past Sunday to talk about a wide variety of topics including leaving Empire Arcadia for Evil Geniuses, post-Devastation thoughts, and previews of ESWC, EVO, and whether they have any chance at SBO. We also give a lot of thoughts on the Devastation event and some of the commentary complaints people had.

Listen to it here: Live On Three #53 - EG.Justin Wong & EG.Marn

Justin and Marn come on about 37 minutes in.

It was a nice listen. Too bad Justin wouldn’t open up more about the Emp situation but it’s cool. Good show overall.

by the way I stopped like maybe 3/4ths in, did you ever ask Marn about the “rigging” of the T6 finals?

haha, I didn’t, I spaced out on that one ;p

maybe u would get more interest if you announced these more than an hour in advance and it wasn’t in the middle of the day

Yea, the guy posted it like last second in that GD thread which almost no one cared about. You missed Marn saying he didn’t like the crappy photo of himself and the interviewer saying to blame Kara. That was: :rofl:

this recording was really boring.

Yeah, I was in Tucson for the week and didn’t have a lot of time to promote the live show, which is why I’m posting the recording of it now