Justin Wong Comeback Evo 2k7 full vid?

I’ve seen the 1:44 version with the pro tip #7 - never give up.

Does anyone have the full video?

that match will be included on the evo DVD.

Uh yea, buy the evo DVD.

It’s worth it even though high level cvs2 is boring to watch.


lol at the red bars… dam srk is brutal…:crybaby:

It’s only boring because ov the commentary…and there’s hardly any hype for the game like say…>>…<<…MARVEL!!!

fuck that cvs2 finals at evo east last year was the most hype finals of the event

“We just got a real match…we just got a real match…let’s go…let’s go!!”

Everyone is entitled to their opinions though lol…

I’m not a marvel player but That match really got me into the game.
Tried playing on a pad, Bloody sucks playing on a pad.
Waitin for my stick now…

i fell asleep several times watching cvs2

Me too.

cvs2 players are wayyy too quiet

Justin Wong IS americas best dance crew

Really? After seeing DarkPrince vs Cl0ckWork I thought They were all the same…:confused:

i was only talking about the cvs2 evo east finals between jwong and nestor
that shit was mad hype

yeah, too bad you east coast players can’t make exciting finals in cvs2, too much damn turtling

Hey I dont turtle in cvs2:woot:

There was like no turtling at Evo East finals, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

lies!! but true, i like watchin east coast vids cuz of tht