Justin Wong Haters


There seems to be a lot of Japanese player dick riding going on from what I’ve seen in the internets, youtube comments, and forum posts. I don’t know what the hell it is with people from the U.S. not rooting for their own peeps but I remember this happening in the tekken scene back in 2003 when people were dickriding korean players to take the tekken 4 championship.

What are the characteristics of dick riding fanboys?

a) join date is 08/09
b) probably has never step foot in a real arcade
c) is a loser in real life, hates america, and is jealous of Jwong’s achievements so he has to hide behind a computer and talk shit about a person that he has never met or seen in real life.

Anybody else sick of these fan boys? Shit.


Riding any top player is ridiculous. And I say that as someone who admires the top players…as that; Top players. I won’t dick ride. But the little internet phenomenon of Justin Wong hate and riding Daigo’s japanese nutsack is so stupid.

Edit: I’ll agree with OMNE though that nothing good can come out of this thread.


For all the haters out there, it’s very simple:

Shut your mouth and grab a joystick controller. If you’re so tough, prove it by playing in a tournament. Let’s see if you got what it takes.

Besides, the match with Justin and Daigo was SO damn close. Next time Justin…next time. I’ll be rooting for you at SBO.


All this is more likely to bring is more hate… Not from me though, But all people that go against JW will just see the thread for calling them haters instead of the point i think you are trying to get across. Which will bring more pointless hate.


Because I’m American I should root for Justin? That logic I should only root for Orlando players. There’s a thin line between admiration and “dick riding”. The only difference is if the person dis/likes the person who is being praised. Some may see this post as you “dick riding” Justin Wong.


So we should cheer for Justin just cause he’s American??? fcuk that. I’ll cheer for whoever i want to cheer for.



I’m friends with justin wong and I always root against him, how’s that for fan boy? Wong is one of the coolest people in the SF community. Why do I root against him? Dude is cocky as fuck, and I mean rightfully so he’s amazing. But he said it himself in the “Igot next” documentary, people don’t like to see the same person win.

I was rooting for Daigo at evo, he’s the only top player I’m a fan boy for. I just respect his skills more then anyone, and he looks like a japanese rock star, not the typical nerd who is good at sf. Yup I’m a fan boy. Oh and even if he is cocky, he comes off very humble and I respect that to the max.


i think people tend to like asian players more because the ones that are usually idolized are just that god like, and i dont think anyone can disagree. so yeah we have had, and still have fucking great players, but most of the innovation we know of for fighting games has come from oversees, and people are just ga ga over that shit. i do agree there is a lot of wong hate, but thats from mostly new members, so who cares. i rooted for daigo against some u.s player in the finals. i dont know either dudes, but i had a buzz goin, and i was fuckin with daigo at the moment, but i was going crazy for sanford vs dan, and i wanted sanford to stomp daigo with cammy. but i aint gonna just root for america just because its becoming a trend to not want your favorite asian player to bust out some shit and win.

so i dont know. i mean, its like i have seen the forums go more to america fuck yeah, and your a dick rider if you even say anything about how good any asian player is. ha ha. i feel the patriotism and shit, but i dont know, sometimes im down for it, and other times i dont give a fuck, and im just down for who im liking at the moment.

if you dont like wong, great, if you dont want japan to ever win anything at evo again, great. who cares. i fucks wit poongko but i also fuck wit the dude steve h. i fucks with mr naps, but yeah, i wanna see knee stomp heads. i would go for naps if he ever fought knee though. ha ha, but respect because knee inspired so many people, and why dislike dude because he is asian, when you know you were inspired by his matches.

daigo and other top players inspired a lot of individuals, and thats who some people like over some american players due to the ego of some american players, and they feel that the japanese are cool, collected, and will give them big hugs, so what. let them enjoy who they want. worry bout your own


Japanese dicks come with saddles, so they’re a lot easier to ride. It’s just convenience.


I was sick of that shit for a minute too. But it is what it is. The hate is fueled by ignorance so all in all its their loss.

Props to all the players (especially the US players) who get hate and brush it off their shoulders though.


I root for Daigo no matter what. Has nothing to do with U.S., Japan, etc. Daigo is just too good.

Justin is clearly the greatest U.S. player, but he’s no Daigo. Nobody is.

IMO, until there is a real representation of Japan’s players, Japan>>>U.S. in overall skill. It’s embedded in their culture. Here it’s too fragmented, too spread out. Even in So. Cal. Too many cliques.

Also our discipline isn’t on par with Japanese players for the most part. We need to sacrifice more to get better.

And most people that nut ride can’t even play any video game for shit and have no idea about sf history and the like.


I root for Daigo, not Justin. Part of them is Daigo is a Legend and mainly are the sportmanship.
If you see the Evo match, see how calm Daigo was, and how rude Justin was?

If Justin win the champ, he can do whatever he likes… just not in the middle of the games… ppls are waiting and especially Daigo is so nice … If i were him, just call for DQ… man… is he continuing to play or not LMAO~


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aint nothing wrong with that…When i opened my hotel room door and daigo was there I fanboy’d out lol

KSK is my favorite 3s player I’d root for him if he was playing against my mom cuz i love that playstyle so much. So i always understand rooting for Japanese players cuz of that…

I always root for the hometown kids in all sports but aint nothing wrong if someone else doesnt. We had a alot of Bulls fans in NYC during the Knicks -Bulls rivalry lol

But this 08/09 member pussy talk about Justin being too cocky or he doesnt present himself like a champion is just stupi imo. especially the ones who never met him. cuz after they meet him at a tourney its a different story

Plus Shirts summed in all up :china:



i wanted anyone BUT the wong team to win 3s. especially JR/Alex since they were akuma/ken, not a boring top 8 expected team. it was awesome for sanford to take MvC2. and wen I actually wanted justin to win SF4…well, goes without saying.


liking japan over america for fighting games isn’t really new dudes. neither is disliking cocky attitudes.


i like Justin he’s a good player but he came up with too many excuses when he lost to Daigo this time. He should just say i lost to the better man on the day. Not all this like “Daigo shouldn’t be seeded he should of gone through pools and may have come up against a good console character player”. Sure if he went pools he might of played a Gen or a Cammy or a Seth. But then again those seth players could of made it to top 8 or whatever to beat daigo, but they didnt!

Justin did good though with boxer ill give him credit there, despite apparently little / no practice. But then again his plan of counter picking abel and sagat back fired into his favour!!! His abel got destroyed and before top 8 Daigo destroyed all sagat players in money matches. So he picked up valuable info that helped him choose boxer.

If no money matches before top 8, then he would of picked sagat and got beasted (this was confirmed in 2 podcasts i think both gootecks?!? Justin also says he’s not rude its “hype” that he wants to create, just sometimes a lil more manners may be better - different people read situations differently. I mean he wants to go professional gamer… and he’s probably doing it money wise atm. But to really make it he needs a big sponsor (intel sony etc.) But which big name company is gonna back him if he’s acts up in ways some people find rude / arrogant.

my 2 cents


The legendary Daigo full-parry vid on srk back in 2004 made me a fan of Daigo. If he were to lose at Nationals and/or Evo, I would still be a fan mainly by the way he carries himself outside of the game.


HoldDat I root for you whenever you land rufus ultra:wonder: