Justin Wong interview on front page GGL


support your community, massive things to come

good shit GGL is nice. i dont think you should show a vid of justin losing tho IMO. maybe the pixel win against X or something where he wins. but i can see how you were trying to show the excitement of a fighting game event.

Nice interview. Good post:tup:

I’m not entirely in control of what goes up or down, that was a ninja edit.

I think the logic is that IS a vid all the top PC gaming teams have seen, so knowing a player was in it helps validate fighters to the PC crowd. If you have a vid of him kicking the crap out of people let me know and I’ll have it in the IView within 24 hours.

Plus a lot of PC gamers have famous vids of their magical loss.

October is going to be HUGE

nice interview, very insightful

Good read. I don’t understand why a lot of people hate this guy.

People hate him because of how many other people ride his dick like he’s the second coming.

And they’re jealous.

From talking to him face to face, over the phone, and in writing he is a really nice guy. I’ve spoken to a TON of top gamers and Justin is probably the most humble.

Register and post on the thread as well, I’m trying to get you guys a tournament in October

That was a pretty impressive interview, he sounds like a good guy. I’m interested in this Empire Arcadia or whatever thing, anymore details on that? Sounds like a spiffy idea.

Empire will be on a later interview.

Wong vs. X: Cable Comeback

I like his RVD pose. :rofl:

Yeah, I was there during that event. J.Wong kicked my Ibuki’s ass hardcore in the tournament and in casuals. Real chill guy though. Lost a lot of weight. :lol:

uh…who hates JW ?? I dunno yo…he seems very friendly in person :confused:

nice interview !

LOL. Lots of people hate on Justin. If not himself than definitely his playing style. Even I don’t necessarily “like” his playing style with certain characters in 3S coughchuncough but then again…it still is a unique style (I don’t know anyone who turtles as hard with Chun as he does) and it gets him wins so what can I say. His Yun is a lot more offensive, that’s for sure.

That was a nice interview. He seems to like 3s alot now. Thats good to hear. You should have asked him some questions regarding Marvel, but it was still a great interview. I too dont get how people can hate these top players. Maybe it’s just jealousy.

Good Job. So whos next?

I’ve met Justin in real life, and yeah, he’s pretty cool.
And wtf? Did he lose weight?
Nice interview btw.

That’s cool you’re supporting the fg community like that to bring awareness to other competitive gamers. Good interview

Maybe I should start turtling with Chun. Rush down doesn’t seem to be working. :confused:

Yep, gotta agree, he sounds cool from everything that I see of him. He doesn’t seem arrogant even with all of his accomplishments that he’s achieved and it’s quite alot. Mad props to JWong, the interview was really great too, hopefully next time there will be some Marvel questions, and I can’t wait for the Empire interview, would be interesting to read.