Justin Wong leaves EMP for EG with Marn

Justin Wong left fucking EMP for EG. Now that show you how much a friend Marn is really is. Friendship > Business



Aren’t they about to release a movie featuring him and (at one point) marn? Pretty brutal.

they = triforce?

King of Chinatown looking really out-dated now, :rofl:

I can’t help but think this all had something to do with getting the money to go to ESWC?

Good for him. Wong is in the right place at the right time to make some big bucks from his past time. Back before Wong was champ there was no way the likes of Valle or Ryan Heart over here could make a living from this stuff.

From what I hear Triforce has a bit of a rep within the industry as somebody best to avoid, business wise, and Wong being handcuffed to Empire Arcadia was probably a hindrance to him professionally. Loyalty is all well and good for a hobby, but if it’s his livelihood he has to go where the bucks are.

Here we go! I don’t think he’ll take kindly to those words.

It’s not a good idea to make comments like that based off of “What you hear”.

It’s video games, not Scarface…shut up and get hype… [media=youtube]lMTrthePKU0"[/media] :wink:

lol Justin’s arms are sticks in that pic.

Yeah, it’s not like anyone is running a business or anything [media=youtube]lMTrthePKU0"[/media] :wink:

Damn good for Justin.

I think this is just the beginning. Empire has been around for years and hasn’t really managed to do the big things it set out to do, it wouldn’t surprise me to see other players jump ship soon.

I know I haven’t been around for a while but isn’t there a guy in of these stupid groups that wears a Power Glove? I’d never be associated with some embarrassing shit like that.

look at Justin’s left hand… feelin himself…

I believe it’s Triforce who wears the Power Glove.


anywho, isn’t Andre still in EMP?

Why are people caring? He is making money… everything is business aint shyt personal.

as far as triforce… cool people in my book. amazing when he was trying to do the same thing the other companies/sponsors are doin people downed the man…damn shame.

You’re underestimating the amount of nut riding my friend. I’m sure if Justin took a vid of himself taking a shit people would try to mimic it just to be more like him.

True story: In Justin’s appartment, the flush handle was replaced with a sanwa button.