Justin Wong lost

EDIT: More versions further in thread. :3

Whipped this up in like an hour I think

Does it look like him? hope so.
BTW I’m making a flash movie about Justin Wong and friends. Its coming out quite soon. This will be part of a shot in it, actually. Its the part before he gets fat.

That looks more like Ricky Ortiz without the black fingernails. Have you ever seen Justin?

I highly suggest you find a different hobby


^the three posts above me, lol

You can obviously draw, but it just doesn’t look like Justin Wong. I would recommend redoing it; he should be chubbier and his bangs should be closer to his eyes to start.

yo check out some Justin Wong references so you could great the grasp of how he looks. He is more heavy set and he is of Asian decent, sir. I wont dare denounce you like NYN, since you have a good drawing hand lol. but just revamp, and repost. you will get a response

I was lookin at a pic of his face when I was drawing it, but that was probably an older pic, cause his hair was definately shorter
but like i said
"Its the part before he gets fat."

Looking forward to the flash movie
Since I have already seen what Justin looks like as a gorilla, it will be nice to see what he looks like as a free-basing goblin IN MOTION

which pic?

He’s not gonna look like that for the whole movie. I’m just not fast enough to draw like that. This is only gonna be like a 5 second frame. You’ll like it though.

I’m keeping the base as is, simply because
it looks too much like him.

Well his hair is black, you got that right.

You should probably like see him before you attempt something like this. If I drew a tan stick figure with a joystick in his hand it would look more like J than that

Thanks for all your comments guys. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

In other news, I’ve decided to go over it one more time. Tell me what you think!