Justin Wong playing and losing in Portugal?

Since today is the rumors day with SF4.


This is on Gamefaqs:


Does anybody have any information about this?

Does say where, or when lol?

I heard he went to Iceland for a money match, but they ended up holding it in Poland and he lost to some Irish kid.

LOL!!! This is all fake!

I wanna see what Justin has to say about this!

why are you on gamefaqs?

my browser feels dirty for clicking on that

clears cache

LOL @ GameFAQs talking about top players.

Portugal has electricity?

gamefaqs a mistake
instead it should be "gamefags"
internet failure.

haikus rock.


Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama ftw.

it probably wasn’t even mvc2…
more like…
FIFA 07 and KOF 98

must be june fool’s in portugal :looney:

Take it easy on the wit there.

are you fucking kidding me?

closed for retardedness =)