Justin Wong says Gen is an offence based character, what is your take on this?



Now I know that J. Wong has won tourneys and stuff but sheesh Gen an offence character? I wonder why he says that, I would believe that offence character have the following characteristics

[]huge mixup game
]great wakeup game
[]invincibiliy in their reversal
]great damage output
[*]multiple ways of getting in.
which Gen doesn’t have a great mixup game, his wake up is basic, he has low damage output, and has few ways to get in on a good opponent.

IMO I think Gen is a tactical/technical character, if you play someone that is ignorant of the matchup then yes you can bulldoze your way through, but when you meet someone that knows Gen is it possible to play gen offence based?

I say Gen is not an offence character, if you think he is please shed some light for me.


If you wanna a match with Gen you’re going to have to play pretty offensively. What’s wrong about that? 4 of the 5 things you listed are offensive tactics any way.


You made a thread because you disagree with a statement that a player that doesn’t even play your character said? Justin wong has said a lot of things.


For one this poll makes no sense. Technicality and gameplay orientation have nothing to do with each other. You can be offensive and non technical or offensive and technical or any combination.

Secondly - yes Gen is offensively based. He has very strong footsies, great combos, a very strong knockdown pressure game and insane frametraps. Compare that to his defensive tools - mediocre back dash, horrible reversal, and no way to fadc whiffed attempts.

Yes you can play him defensively, but he certainly gets more by applying his pressure.


“talking about which fighters are best used at entry levels of play”
“Here is my breakdown on what characters might fit your offensive, defensive, or balanced style.”

“Now this list may represent how each character is categorized, but that does not mean you cannot make an offensive character into a defensive character or a balance rush — because depending on match ups you will have to change up on how you will play.”

Gen’s playstyle is very distinguishable between players and skill levels (I personally changed from Defense -> Offense -> Balanced -> Offense). Like JWong said, we have to change up depending on MUs, but if I have to choose only one of those three, I would say offensive as well. Gen’s offense is better than his defense IMHO. His overhead is an extremely long ranged normal that has an advantage on hit, his jump-ins after knockdown are very strong despite the fact that he doesn’t have anything like an air Tatsu. A well placed MK hands may lead to FADC into a hard knockdown. Gen can make the opponent’s movement limited by a huge amount when he has Super -> Ultra since nobody wants to get hit by that, giving Gen players some freedom to move around. Plus his defensive tools aren’t so good. Let’s not forget mantis st.MP +5 on block normal.

However, he has to play balanced style against a lot of casts, making the decision somewhat complicated.


I have a question, Gen and Fei who is more offence based


Feels about the same to me. I would put them in the same offensive tier. Say that Viper/Seth/Cammy and Rufus are the most offensive I would put Fei/Akuma and Gen on the next offensive level.


But Gen **is **offence based.

You offensively control your space.
His defensive tools are not incredible
Incredible footsies

List goes on, really.

The poll also makes pretty much no sense. Yes, Gen is hard to play correctly, but why can’t you play with technical offense like Vega / Bison etc?


hmm… @Huggy you have a point there. oh well, I guess its settled then. OFFENCE it is. CASE CLOSED!!!