Justin Wong Tribute video

I figured I made one for daigo, so fuck it one for wong.



LOL funny shit…are those guys practicin for ddr or what

Its called J setting, or vogue-ing

Mike Ross was real big into J setting prior to SF4, too bad he quit because he was one of our best on the Westcoast.

The song is very fitting.

lol what the hell i knew this shit was gonna be retarded, thx

so basically mike ross is gay is what you’re saying.

Not just gay, but one of the best gays on the Westcoast :tup:

no beef. im just sayin, dude put the nigga on blast for vogue dancing and shit, soooooo if thats true, im sayin. ha ha. mike ross be vogue dancin for real? ha ha.!!! what happen to starslayer?

bitch ain’t got shit on mike ross

LOLOLOL. :rofl:

and Mike Ross is a gangster. :wgrin:

yo, ruin, whatsup with your sig? lol. he talkin to you? this thread has more than meets the eye in it, except them gay niggaz dancin in the video

I don’t even…

you sure don’t!

I can see this thread either getting closed or getting hilarious.

mike ross is not gay, just had a passion for dancing.

Looks like a lot of scary dudes in here, maybe closet cases? Lets stop the gay bashing…

Back on topic:

This video is really cool and captures the essence that is evo

this video is amazing.

what he said. :tup:


AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA godlike…good shit ruin.