Justin Wong vs Alex Valle

**8-2-07 UPDATE:**Well, after EVOWest, Mr.Wizard and EVO Staff decided to make a change to the big screen 2-man tournament event. Alex “Calipower” Valle was taken out of the equation and John “Choiboy” Choi was put in. That is, for EVO’s Saturday Night special big-screen event.

Noone that attended EVOWest can doubt Choi’s amazing skill level. He won ST and got 3rd(?) in CvS2. This is in comparison to Alex Valle, who achieved a tie for 7th in Third Strike.

Am I disappointed that Alex is out? Sure. But am I glad to see Choi vs Wong? Hell yes. Choi’s performance shows that even years later, and after multiple sabatticals, and never officially staging a “comeback” he still has it. In the Street Fighter documentary BANG THE MACHINE, those interviewed called him a real-life Ryu. Living for the challenge, and not for the accolades. When Alex was Michael Jordan, Choi was Magic Johnson (minus the AIDs). And whenever he touched SF, he was top two.

So good luck to Wong and Choi. Their match will still achieve all the hype that I hoped for, and still ask the question: who **IS **better? OG or YOUNGBLOOD?

There’s talk that the Alex vs Wong match can still occur in the BYOC. I don’t think that’s necessary. The hype, the hope, the question now rests on Choi and Wong.

If someone else wants to arrange Alex vs Wong, please post here. But otherwise, it won’t happen.

Thank you to everyone who followed this thread and posted and got hype. See you in Vegas.


So, first off, niether Justin “Marvelous” Wong or Alex “Calipower” Valle have agreed to this. This is basically my suggestion for the greatest Monet Match of all time, and hopefully if enough hype drums up, they’ll agree.

**EDIT: **Justin has agreed and said this, “yo lets bet this shit. Im down to play mr.og in these 5 games. I’ll put up a 100 right now and I know alot more ppl would back me on this”

Now we wait for Valle. If he agrees, I’ll move this to EVO forum.

EDIT: Valle has agreed and said this, “Practice Up “KID” =)”

I came into the Street Fighter scene in the mid nineties, and by the time Alpha 2 came out, I was at the arcade every weekend. And if anyone remembers those days, approximately 1996, then you remember that Alex Valle was the Michael Jordan of Fighting Games. Every turney result had his name in it, and the man dominated Alpha 2, Alpha 3 (Natinal Champion in 1998), Tekken Tag, ST, Second Impact, etc.

I was a huge fanboy. I must still have a softy spot for those days since here I am mentioning this thread. Anyway, so Alex Valle diappeared for a while and just recently reemerged last year (he even defeated Daigo in 3S at EVO2k6). For me and all the other 1996 fanboys, watching Alex return is reminiscent of that Street Fighter era when it was all about Rushing That Shit Down!

I’m not sure when Justin came into the scene. I never got to into Marvel2, but I just remember all the hype as the kid came out to Cali and beat Viscant, then Alex, then Duc to establish himself as Marvels’ Greatest. But in recent years things have changed. He has become the Alex Valle of now, and wins every turney he enters, or atleast top 3. I’m talking every game. Look at the recent Evo North results. Justin won in Alpha 2 *and *Alpha 3, even when facing off against his predecessors.

I think pound for pound, Justin is the best United States Street Fighter player. Possibly ever. He dominates CvS2, 3S, and of course the game that made him famous, Marvel.

So what I would like to see at EVO2k7 is the grandest Old vs New Money Match ever.

Alex “Calipower” Valle vs Justin “Marvelous” Wong.

Previous World Champion staging his comeback vs the New World Champion.

Does OG skill and SHGL tricks still work? Or is Justin too beyond the strategies of yesterday?

Now, this wouldn’t just be on *one *game. Oh no, that would be dull. And not just *two *games. Are you kidding. But across **five **games!

3/5 in Marvel vs Capcom 2, Alpha 2, Super Turbo, Capcom vs Snk 2 and Third Strike.

A true Street Fighter endurance match. Bigger than EC vs WC. Bigger than Darth Vader vs Darth Maul. Bigger than any other possible Street Fighter match. Both Kings of their era.

And remember, in the nineties, the previous “King of New York” Eddie Lee struggled to get out of Alex’s shadow. To surpass him. It never truly happend. But Eddie Lee spoke of the phenom child in New York who was greater than him. He spoke of Justin Wong.

Justin Wong is no longer a padawan. He is a Jedi Master. And now he can avenge Eddie Lee.

Or can he!?

If they agree, I have 50 on Alex.


shit im a og Valle fan myself. id love to see this go down.

Super fantastic-Mega Money match up. This I would travel to see, and somebody should talk to Mcmahon about getting it on par-per-view.

This would be the shit. Being at the event if it were to happen would be off the chain.

psh, i wanna see 4 out of 7, that way you will know for sure who is better

I think it would kinda be unfair to leave out marvel, especially if you re going to throw in alpha 2. I don’t think it would be as interesting as people think because its pretty much a given who would win what.

a2/3/st- valle

cvs2/mvc2- wong

3s would probably be the most interesting match.

old school/old school and new school/new school would be more interesting to me. like wong v combofiend or ricky and valle v choi or watson.

I’d be willing to bet it. On Valle of course.

I don’t think Alpha 2 and 3 are givens for Alex. I *want *to think so, but Justin has been showing he can beat players from Alex’s era. Look at EVO North results.

I see what you’re saying about old/old vs new/new but really those are not nearly as hype as the two Kings of two eras facing off. For glory.

A lot of the OG players like Choi and Watts don’t play anymore. But Alex has returned to his RTSD lab, honing his skills.

It’s like Batman vs Batman Beyond.

Agreed. Why even have multiple versions of alpha? Why not one vs game (marvel style) one vs game (cvs style) one SFII game (I’m assuming 3S), one SFII game (again, assuming ST) and one alpha game?

Team Japan vs. Team USA in ST, at EVO World. I’d pay to see that as well.

But yeah, that would be an ideal money match. Valle would take A2/A3/ST with 3S being a tossup between him and Wong. Wong would take Marvel and CvS2, easily.

I would also like to see Daigo vs. Valle in A3. It’s been a while since they both faced off in A3.

I think Alpha 2 should be left out as you already have Alpha 3 in there. MvC2 should be put in its place.

That being said:

Alpha 3 and ST would go to Valle.

3S, CvS2 and MvC2 would go to Wong.

Seeing Alex vs Justin in Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 would be pretty exciting. They can both play those games and play them well. And those two games are played distinctly different.

But do you really think Alex can hang with Justin in MvC2? Seriously? If they did a VS game, it would have to be MvC1 or something.

All the games I’m suggesting are pretty even. So basically in your post you mentioned 5 games. That’s exactly what I’m suggesting. But without MvC2, and having both Alpha games instead.

Really, if you can explain how MvC2 wouldn’t be a total slaughter, I’d be eager to add it.

This could be like Michael Jordan vs Kobe!

Or Kobe vs Lebron!!

Someone mentioned doing 3/5, or 4/7 but that would take forever. And it would show true clutch for Alex or Justin to have to seal the deal in just a few games.

Everyone keeps asking why Alpha2. Okay, in the nineties that was Alex’s game. He is the undisputed US Champion at that game.

But what happened at EVO North? Justin beat OG Top3 in US Davis Sirlin? So Justin can play that game really well. And fo all the OG heads, high level Alpha2 would be sick to see.

Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 are not the same game. And one did not get abandoned in the scene like has happened with other SF and their sequels (ST negates Super and HF in turney play, 3S negates 2i, CvS2 negates CvS1, MvC2 negates MvC1).

No. But I don’t think Justin can hang with Alex in A2 either so that evens out.

Alex doesn’t play Marvel.

Justin is proving that he can win turneys in A2/A3/ST.

If Alex played MvC2 I’d suggest that game, but he doesn’t. I’m not suggesting Justin practice games he doesn’t play and is not good at, now am I?

justins been leveling up for 4-5 years now. Unless you want this to wait 4-5 years before it can get semi even then go ahead.

I say add EX2+ to it. Alex admits to knowing the game so it’d be nice to see his Doctrine Dark vs Justins Ryu.

I like the EX series but I don’t think it’s enough of a draw since not that many people know it. I’d like this to be as interseting and hype as possible, and I think the 5 games mentioned are enough.

And you and I see eye-to-eye on the Marvel issue.

Maybe for ST. But I highly doubt Justin spent the last 4-5 years honing his A2/A3 skills… especially since those games are never really featured at most major tournaments. Justin is all about the money. Why would he practice hardcore for a game that isn’t at major tourneys?

He probably just honed up his skills for A2/A3 between Evo East and Evo North. That’s like 1-2 months or so?

I would like to thank P.Gorath for the neg rep for this thread.

Really appreciate it buddy.

And only way to do Marvel is if they agreed to do a mirror match on a certain team. That makes it somewhat feasible.

There nothing to hone up on, it’s not like he comes to CF and practices a2/a3, and all his roommates play marvel, haha. playing those games are like riding a bike. Justin thanked me on saturday after winning mwc for teaching him a2 though. :looney: