Justin Wong vs Screwattack.com SF3


The guys over at screwattack.com decided to test their skills against JWong in SF3.

Haha, that’s awesome.

I love ScrewAttack, it’s great that they got to meet Justin.


Justin Wong using Q and SA3 no less. I’m glad to see I’ve rubbed off on him in our few encounters.:smokin:

damn. lol justin almost perfect them both.

Damn Justin! Did you have to pick Yun!? lmao TAKE NO PRISONAS!!!

also lol at the beginning of the match with Q

Justin: >.>…<.<…=D immediately back dashes and taunts with Q

Screw Attack never knew what hit em lol

“It was the controllers fault.” Only works at ffa, pal.

Maybe if shit like this happened more often the more mainstream gaming journos would understand that there is a lot more to these fighting games than meets the eye, and they’d start promoting them a bit more and quit mouthing off with uneducated opinions, eg saying that Soul Caliber 2 is a “better game” than SF without being to explain why.

Holy crap, when I saw Q dash-back taunt and SA3 I think my pants asploded. Nice find man, that made me day.

Rare footage of Justin’s actual trophy

Yes, this is amazing…a tournament level player beating 2 total n00bs. I am shocked beyond belief.

wasn’t even fair. I figured they would be real arrogant about their abilities before the match, but they knew from the start they would get raped.

best player in the world?

news to me

wit all the tournies he’s won…its an easy mistake to have.

i didnt think Screwattack was up on JWong
or anyone for that matter

n lol@ “Could we pull off the upset? Hell no.”

Just goes to show that just because you’re god tier among your friends doesnt mean that that generalizes to everyone. Get off of Xbox live and actually compete in tourneys!

Also: Justin Wong owns noobs

wow i honestly cannot tell if this is sarcasm or not, so i will withhold my response…

Justin Wong = Serious Business… No Homo

I thought he beat me bad in tekken, Studdering Craig and Handsome Tom got raped.

lol…that dude was trash

where is it? i dont see it on the page? somebody direct link the video please?