Justin wong vs sinity

some uk match from battle of destiny


last match justin uses roll/servbot/megaman against this cable/guile/capcom player. count how many throws he gets in a row.

I think the important part was the thread where sinity basically boasts that he’ll beat justin…or it was something along those lines.

The crowd there was furious! Even if you don’t know anything about the game, youre forced to enjoy ahaha^^ The hammer super thingie was to funny :slight_smile:

It was hillarity at it’s best. Got to give him credit for trying though, even I didn’t stand up to the challenge. Well, not that I could afford it, but I know my money’s better off in my pocket lol. Oh well, good show…

was this guy one of uk’s best players or something?


look at page 6, and then 7 is where the vid was shown

I heard sinity didn’t pay justin when he lost. Is that true? if so that’s some bullshit. Dude’s a douche, no credit for trying. He doesn’t know the game at all. he was playing Guile competively and didn’t know what a trijump is and JUST learned about guardbreaks, but called himself the best in the UK. You don’t get props for being a douche and getting your ass whooped.

He’s also challenging the U.S. at the game. It’s the American Revolution all over again. Only this time, it’s with Marvel. It was pretty free for us back in the 1700s, it should still be free for us now.

Man Wong disrespected the whole u.k fg scene with that last match…

Is that him trying to defend himself in youtube comments o.O

LOL @ sinity’s post. He’s making excuses on why he lost. Can’t believe this man is that dense.