Justin Wong vs SooMighty - Pre evo money match

Pre evo money matches

I am pretty sure I have the Wong vs Soo and other Soo vs., where justin went 3-0 or 2-0 I don’t remember, but what my point is, IS IT OK TO POST THIS VIDEO AS WELL AS OTHER PRE EVO MATCHES?

Yes it is.

As long as it’s not a tourney match that happened on Saturday or Sunday, it’s alright.

post em up.

Plz post.:smiley: Also, do you have the josh wigfall vs clockwork match where clockwork made that crazy comeback?

Damn I am an idiot, I recorded over it. Meh, it was a Wong rape anyhow all matches, and at the end Wong and X were like “How come yall aint talking?” Becuase the crowd was silent, haha.

all i got is Potter vs Vegita X 10$ and Soo vs Vegita X 10 $.

Nice. :slight_smile: Host 'em up, or I’ll host 'em for you if you need someone to host them.

-Z (‘zachdms’ on MSN/AIM)

Will the soo vs justin match be hosted?

I heard the WC bought up all the footage of the match and burned it in a ritual to cleanse the soul or something I dunno I’m having trouble translating the prophecy since it’s in a language that has been dead for thousands of years

i coulda swore it was already established it wasn’t a money match, damn EC, it wasn’t enough that Justin won, yall gotta make it seem more special by adding money to it like justin hasn’t taken somebody’s money b4.

P.S. b4 you even start the " im a hater on justin arguement " im not, i appreciate talent, i just see it as kind of funny as when justin gets beat bad and the most of the west coast makes a big deal out of it, All of the east coast complains and hates on it for people making a big deal out of it, but when Justin beats Soo " im gussing really badly " You guys wanna have a fucking parade and talk shit about the WC whenever they say something about Justin winning. Just pointing something out.

omfg, i was the only other there recording that and i accidently recorded over it as well because people were rewinding my camcorder watching it.

i guess no one will ever see it

EDIT: nvm, i found it, and its up and ready. im just wondering if i should charge $5 for it or not.

LMAO, we were standing right by eachother too pretty much, and we were both on chairs too.

If you want an idea of what it looked like, watch Justin vs. Row @ last year’s 5on5 3 times. That’s pretty much what it looked like. Starts out a little even, then Justin lands a hit and maintains control for the rest of the game.

yes. plz. :smiley:

clock vs wigfall



:lol: :lol:

cool, thx :smiley:

god damn, was that ragnorak intentional? crazy :smiley: