Justin Wong's Gear?

Does anyone know what kind of stick and converter he uses?

Not sure about converter, but doesn’t he play with a MAS stick?

I thought at EVO he was using a TE but I might be wrong…

Believe me, he uses whatever other gear any pro uses. Using his gear won’t make you a lot better (I’m telling this because it seems that’s the only reason you are making a thread), but I guess he uses what ever he got in his hand. Around 2004 I saw a video where he used a MASS stiq, so I guess he must be using the madcatz tournament edition that came out this year, as for Marvel I believe he uses stiqs with HAPP parts like everyone else. C u around!

He used a TE at EVO, from what I recall he uses a 360 gate for Marvel- HAPP like stated above, or at least used to. (Which I don’t understand, my arm is tired as fuck after playing with a HAPP stick for 5 minutes.)

Should any of this matter to you? No.



He uses Charles Xavier’s wheelchair. All top players have some sort of Charles Xavier assist. You can’t do all that yomi without it.

pros use whatever they can borrow. easy way to tell who’s a scrub at a tourny is to see if they brought their own stick.

im just wondering because i have the Hori T5 stick with the ball stick. Dont know if i should change to sometihng with Happ. All i play is marvel.

Wong is even good with pads. Anyone ever see that clip where he went 300-0 Vs. randoms at some electronic expo to hype up some third party pads? It was crazy, he was doing Rog’s 1 frame links on it for like 14-16 hits on a pad. Man is just great with anything.

To answer the original question, I believe Wong uses a MAS stick for MvC2 and he used a TE stick at evo.

Why is this?

The ability to adapt is a quality commonly seen in players who win.

This begs the question; do any ‘top players’ post or lurk in the Tech Talk forum?
Come on Justin, fess up. You secretly dream of a stick that’s wireless with every console known to man. A stick with an LCD screen cpo allowing you to have animated artwork. A stick that has all your combos programmed in. A stick that emits radio waves to mess up Daigo’s one frame links.

And give everyone cancer o_O

You almost made me spit coke all over my screen :rofl:

Dude, from what i could see in the evo videos.
Marvel: a Happ stick, looks like a mas
SF3 finals: a Modded HRAP3, apparently with seimitsu buttons, not sure the stick.

Justin Wong plays at arcades.

John Choi brought his own stick because he can’t use a TE.